Dive into your fear


Literally I can’t swim !i didn’t attend swimming lesson.The only thing I have is ambition. I learn from kids , i learn from elder people every time I went to swimming pool .”Look the floor, look the sky ” how they tech for swimming but I also apply to my life. We are not always look sky , and same thing we have to look floor. I usually swim at child pool and around 200m. Since from last month I started swim at adult pool (around 8 feet deep and 50 meter).I gradually increase my distance 200m to 800m within under half an hour.And I extend my running 3k to 4 k within under 30 min.

If you don’t have full control over your life , you will wait for things happen to you ! Don’t wait for opportunity , create them.

Physically stop and resting make you lazy in swimming and running. Keep going and keep swimming make your mussel stronger and your body will used to exhaustive.Yes that is the logic I apply in real life too.You might probably hear about the story of rabbit and tortoise story of how rest can lose your competitor.I don’t think about my competitor as other person,I think about my competitor as myself of current. Current myself must be stronger than past myself. If I might lay down on the ground , I won’t be reach to this place. So don’t let yourself lazy and slow down.Keep up your speed and sharp your brain.

Having different experience never means that your experience is the right & the experience of other is invalid

Some of runner said put music while you run, some runner said run without music, some runner said evening run is better.There must be hundred/thousand of advice from different experiences.The rule you cant follow doesn’t mean, you cant do that entire other ways.Happiness in the life is listen the facts and accept the things we can do. Do not disagree just to show how clever you are or to boost your ego.

make it habit

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” Nelson Mandela

work-out February is over,there are 2 months we had passed through 2015.You might haven’t notice time flies while you celebrate holidays,New Years and so on.


My running journey was over a year been now.But I didn’t run constantly. Run and stop.I don’t like that my habit .I am good at start something and bad at ending. As Richard St.John said Success is a continuous journey .Yes! running is not one milestone. 2015 I start run back 3 days in week ,started from this January.I can’t say I will slim like model but I can feel my body lighter,healthy and sweaty.

Travel Often,Travel safe,Travel wise,travel far….

I’m believe there is one common habit for all human being is traveling.Travel for leisure,travel for vacation,travel for seeking happiness,travel for adventurous.I have love and hate relationship with traveling. I love travel,discover new friendship but I hate saying good bye the places I love,the food I enjoy,the people who admire me.I made it trip after 1 and half month from my UK trip. Recently I just read about 15 Reasons Why Frequent Travelers Are More Likely To Be Successful quite reflect on my life chaining.


Is learning is count on hobby ,yes it is one of my favorite hobby.Since from school to working I always love to learn. I remember once in my English class after Uni,I felt I am only one who bad English and luck of vocabulary.Then I start write each new words (from dictionary,movies and every words which I discover and didn’t know)after that I learned French. But start from I relocated to Singapore I stop learning my language.I though Singapore is Majority English speaking country and my English will be improve. But I am totally wrong, between mutli-accent I lost my American English accent and didn’t improvement.These are the reason why Start from Mid February I start back my learning skill back.

My Own 2014 way


Another year will end and further more year will coming soon. I will old one more year and added my endless experiences and list of things in my journey. Once I look through my 2014 was full of exciting and lot of challenges. I can say 2014 is not smile year as I passed. Well all my journey of life were full of interesting. All things happens with facts.


Yes, I’ve been travel at least twice in every year. But at 2014 I can’t out of this island till end of Oct.I though I will miss my travel this year. Surprises, well surprises will come all the way of my trip. I made Bagan trip as my holidays.It was full of fresh and relax trip.But very short trip and run back to the busy life. At the end of Nov,I’ve invited to the England for the Business trip. England ,yes I been thinking of almost two years and had missed multiple plans to go there.But my fortune can’t let my dream fall.


Durham University 2014

Wonderful little town I spent two weeks in there.Welcome with me 5’C and cloudy gray sky.Simple life , lot of students and camps life’s. Bring back me fresh and young. I am walk alone all these little town and smile on my face. Smiles I haven’t wear within this year cause of beat by stress, over workload , broken  and advantage on my friendships and so on. Oh well ,I don’t want to say back how that bad, Whoever,whatever made me sad , I can smile finally. So I won’t count that things are exit. Just add my experiences to avoid them.

Anyway back to my journey, 19 hours flight wasn’t too long for me compare with other oversea trip. I am fresh and excited once I landed newcastle. Prepare make up, wore the warmest clothes I had and walk to city. Oh my… felt like I been enter to the Multiple refrigerator. And no more light on the sky. I though it was around 7 or 8 pm .(it was 5pm at that time).

Durham Castel

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Profoundly Mistaken


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That is impress post in this early morning I read  POLY STUDENT TRIED TO GIVE CPR TO BIKE ACCIDENT VICTIM  and really appreciate about University teach that course! Shouldn’t be compare, how we had education system, lot of reasons will come out, cause of Country is not Open,Cause People are not smart ,Cause of No Budget.. barlar barLar.But these are about my personal feeling, Why we learn at School and Uni? Why People who drop out of  School are more smarter than people who have great Marks at Schools or Uni.I got Master Degree and I spend over 5 years at Uni. Is that worth enough to spend 5 Years at Uni? Well if not my mom wish I was out of Uni after I got Bachelor . Because of her , I have a little long status and that will useful at the letter behind my name when I marry 😛 Right now I learn double in real life cause I was had BOOKs experiences.

  After Listen Ken Robinson  talk . BTY really great speech and open my mind of thinking again. I was analysis by myself ,yes thing now I’m good these days are not learn from Uni! Learn from Life,learn from experiences, learn from lot of mistakes which I had done. Profoundly Mistaken what a beautiful words, yes I was the kid as same as the kids who grow up small country which not open,can’t speak what you though , can’t get what you want in that Country. But I was change maybe my gene is build in and I found lot of errors (sorry I used my Computer Terms,it should be “Problem”)  about I speak LOUD ,Yes I speak loud about what I think and I stand up for what I feel right. You know stand up mean People can see you if all of them are sitting .Yes people used to sit and silence even they though that’s not right and that’s not reasonable. You know why ?  cause they don’t want to be the Insane in community, Insane in society. That’s what they build in our education system, that what people they in that small little society.  Then I become insane in that society who talk too much and who stand up.That’s make me run out of that country.

I won’t say that Uni are not Good Place, But Uni should be the place which give not only BOOKs and grade but also Life lessons, Life experiences.Now I teach my own life experiences which I haven’t get in My university. Learn New Foreign Language, Learn Physical sport, Learn at Liberary which is not close and not  allow students (yes, back in 2009 I went Uni Library  for searching my thesis related books. What they treat us is Students are not allow to enter the book shelves and find the find, go there small box which wirte down the piece of paper about the author,Title and Years. You can’t  judge the book by its cover, you can’t find out the real taste of the book by its title.Well it must be long story of how my Uni days and I also find out friends who had great grad are turn to Professor.Friends who they think bad at uni like me, not follow dumb ass rules and not high level are smart in Work. I wish our next generation are not worst what we faced.

Go On


Just go on

Even you pain, Just go on

Even you happy , Just go on

Even you tired , Just go on

Even you fall down , Just go on

Even you fall down you must get up!

Unless nobody can’t help you to stand up!

There is no time to find the reason of “Why”  in life, Just find the way to do it “How”

Don’t take the things you can’t carry on!

Sometime you need to leave it even you love it!

Don’t regret the things you had done and you can’t repair!

Just find the way how to fly more higher with that experiences  fuel

You hate a things and it is good for you; and Perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you
And Allah Know while you know not
Quran [2:216]

I only Understand..

I’m only understand code, it didn’t trick me even if it’s cheating, it must be beautiful error! That’s why I work at Beautiful Sunny Sunday

The only langauage I understand quiet well and response well is “0” ,”1″ . and “True” “False”. It didn’t have “maybe” ,”Hope so”. “well!! ” …

Take risk from Swimming

Swimming45 mins swimming  Yes it is about 45 minutes I back to swimming. It is the longest time I swimming since I was finished swimming class.The apartment I moved here has beautiful and big swimming pool and it been attracted to me back to swimming.But I was busy, yes busier than I usually said.I was only glance look the way I back home and make it plan on my list to swimming this weekend.Weekend and weeks days were passed I haven’t been there. Actually I was there once with my mom when she was here but not real swimming and we were play and I made her annoyed.

Today I decided I should be back to swimming cause being sleep enough and my projects are set in timing. So I been pleasure and all my house works are done.

That's what I did in weekend when close deadline.

First I touch water I was scare! Yes a bit scare of I haven’t been there for a long, scare of there is no one teach me , scare of my body will move in water and also scare of cold 🙂 But I will move to another apartment next week and this is the last time I am swimming so if I won’t take swimming  I will never back to swimming this beautiful pool. So I take the risk and slowly slowly step down to the water. Wow the water is  a bit cold but I continue my steps . The whole my body is sink in the water I start move my leg and recall every lessons I was take. After 15mins move I start swimming and go on. Finally I was made 45 mins. I can’t say I can swim well but I am swim without anyone teach, anyone help and stay in cold water 45 mins. I am happy the way I move in the water. First was scary but later and later all the way of my body movement are lighter in the water and more warm. I love to take that risk! If I will scare of cold and run away back to room I will never know this feeling.

And this is night view of swimming pool.

And same in life I am the one who afraid to change! I am the who make everything with plan. But life give me lot of taste! The biggest taste is show me up sometime the plan I expect were not work and to take risk for the change! I been relocated I been moved ,I been learned a lot of things was happen within short period! Same as swimming if I will afraid of risk and hide in mommy’s home I will never see the world. If I will not take the risk of changing I will never know how soften moment in the water!

That’s why I not set any new year resolution this time like I did. My way is do the best and take the risk of every challenge.And the biggest though I had in 2012 is never relies on the anybody criticizes  They may give you good or they may give you bad comment. But these are their conclusion not your’s. I got one big comments and said I will “Never…” but I would like to thank for that comment cause of I being become cause of that “Never…. comments” . So Whenever you heard someone bad comment try to turn on the good! Try to think of they want to become like you that way!

Well! Thank for all being good and bad changes in life and appreciated the way you live! Remember every movement in water are soften than as you think but it will pain when overloading! Everything has limit! Have a nice weekend to all and Happy Monday 😉