Take risk from Swimming

Swimming45 mins swimming  Yes it is about 45 minutes I back to swimming. It is the longest time I swimming since I was finished swimming class.The apartment I moved here has beautiful and big swimming pool and it been attracted to me back to swimming.But I was busy, yes busier than I usually said.I was only glance look the way I back home and make it plan on my list to swimming this weekend.Weekend and weeks days were passed I haven’t been there. Actually I was there once with my mom when she was here but not real swimming and we were play and I made her annoyed.

Today I decided I should be back to swimming cause being sleep enough and my projects are set in timing. So I been pleasure and all my house works are done.

That's what I did in weekend when close deadline.

First I touch water I was scare! Yes a bit scare of I haven’t been there for a long, scare of there is no one teach me , scare of my body will move in water and also scare of cold 🙂 But I will move to another apartment next week and this is the last time I am swimming so if I won’t take swimming  I will never back to swimming this beautiful pool. So I take the risk and slowly slowly step down to the water. Wow the water is  a bit cold but I continue my steps . The whole my body is sink in the water I start move my leg and recall every lessons I was take. After 15mins move I start swimming and go on. Finally I was made 45 mins. I can’t say I can swim well but I am swim without anyone teach, anyone help and stay in cold water 45 mins. I am happy the way I move in the water. First was scary but later and later all the way of my body movement are lighter in the water and more warm. I love to take that risk! If I will scare of cold and run away back to room I will never know this feeling.

And this is night view of swimming pool.

And same in life I am the one who afraid to change! I am the who make everything with plan. But life give me lot of taste! The biggest taste is show me up sometime the plan I expect were not work and to take risk for the change! I been relocated I been moved ,I been learned a lot of things was happen within short period! Same as swimming if I will afraid of risk and hide in mommy’s home I will never see the world. If I will not take the risk of changing I will never know how soften moment in the water!

That’s why I not set any new year resolution this time like I did. My way is do the best and take the risk of every challenge.And the biggest though I had in 2012 is never relies on the anybody criticizes  They may give you good or they may give you bad comment. But these are their conclusion not your’s. I got one big comments and said I will “Never…” but I would like to thank for that comment cause of I being become cause of that “Never…. comments” . So Whenever you heard someone bad comment try to turn on the good! Try to think of they want to become like you that way!

Well! Thank for all being good and bad changes in life and appreciated the way you live! Remember every movement in water are soften than as you think but it will pain when overloading! Everything has limit! Have a nice weekend to all and Happy Monday 😉