Another Year Has Gone By


Time are pass as wind , it been a year…Last year this time I was packed my bagged,prepare for my unknown journey, tidy hugged my mom, don’t know what time I will be beside her. But all my step will never backward,whatever I make it or not I will keep forwarding my steps… Yes that was my mission when I left out of my home. I’ve been spend more than 5 years there (place where still not open yet for the enthusiastic dreamer) after while everyone leave out of the country.Three years contribution in Mozilla ,spreading my knowledge whatever the events happen. Sharing and helping people do become Strong Open Source Community in Myanmar.

Words, that made you stay. Words, that drove you away.

I never forget the words whoever give me as empower. These words push me up to improve my steps.Been fired by ex-boss who gave me best push words while I was in US for attend Adacamp . Came back from US and made it happen Developer Conference  as jobless and strongly support by mom.   Holding SG visa and find job at Myanmar IT. Funniest thing was someone hire me as Marketing and my paid was $70 per a month. :C’mon  Chit , you worth enough to leave out of this country,then I started at my steps. Yes,never look back that shit.

Just because you are struggling does NOT mean you are failing.  Every great success requires some kind of struggle to get there.

New Chapter of my life is much smoother than what I though,people in Singapore, don’t look my background.They don’t care where I came from,they only care about what are my ability and what are my passion.They don’t discriminated me with my skin color,my religion and so on. They accept as me as human. I got my dream job (Joomla) within my Mozcamp and got play well my position.But I lost my free time. Yes spend my time mostly on office which another place like home.

All men are Created EQUAL


Well, first three months was struggle with New place, new culture,new social and new environment. But I am lucky to find same type of my people as Hackerspace and make new friends who became my beloved and mentor friends. Just remember,I still same as Muslim and more strongly believe my  god who give me strength and bless. And I still keep my rules which I set while since I was in Myanmar. I’m not turn to Party girl, atheist as like some people who forgot where they from 😉 But I changes my action, more active, more friendly, more forgiveness and more hard-working.

Life and happiness

In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on

I been more happier than  in Myanmar.It doesn’t mean Singapore is developed country.It mean I am happy with my choices. Stay away from people and things whoever don’t accept the changes and always block in one step.And I grow up  more  and stand alone without mom . I’m  miss my mom and always keep in touch with her but I like the way of I been alone and lead my own situation.And I love I become main part of my family who can support everything what they need.Out of from the office I learn people life and they happiness. Instead of being fake happiness (party in weekend,over drunk ..) I prefer living in my room and listening TED , try my new dishes  and started my hobbies (swimming,jogging, dancing will be future 😉 which I ever want to do since childhood.

Lost and Find

I lost nothing, yes something who not belong with me is mean they are not deserve to me.

Find (got,Discover): These are Physical things I collect within these year.I travel to Cambodia  and San Francisco(again). Biggest event is First MozSummit  (haven’t write blogpost for this but I definitely share my awesome MozSummit ). Haven’t make too much event as I did in Myanmar,but I organize Firefox OS Singapore meetup and looking forward as Mozilla SG actively here.And I attend so many events which are talented people sharing their knowledge ,experiences not selling their products.

You got a dream,gotta protect it.People can’t do st themselves,they tell you “you can’t do it”. If you want something, go get it.

2013 San Francisco Oakland bay Bridge

“Travel brings power and love back into your life.”
― Rumi

San francisco Oakland bay Bridge

Sometime in life you cant’ expect what is your future  will happen as you haven’t plan.I used to live with my tidy schedule and my tomorrow are full of my plan.Back to  San Francisco wasn’t in my plan for 2013. After I back from Cambodia   I plan to visit Europe in this Fall or Winter. But Mozilla bring me  to back US again.He  still same as I saw in 2012. But Me was changed a lot ….

San francisco Oakland bay Bridge