Joyful Year 2015

Joyful year 2015

Yo!! 2015 you treat me very very well. Hope everyone also have fantastic year ahead. Now time to talk about new year resolution. But wait…. I have to look back how much I done for my 2015 year resolutions.


My biggest achievement in 2015 is relationship goal. Relationship with my mom, my friends, my colleagues and my environment. I spent more time with my mom, I met her every 3 months within this year.She travel to meet me, I travel to meet her and we both travel together.

trip to Kalaw trip to Kalaw





Friendship, I have amazing multi national friends. Teacher,master student, Programmer,HR, PHD student , editor… Think how lucky I am having of these amazing friends who help me build relationship, make me stronger, care me like sister. We share about our culture, we share about our food, we share about our happiness.

my birthday 2015
my birthday 2015
my birthday 2015
my birthday 2015






Colleagues , if I say my friends make me happy weekend, Colleagues are the people who make me happy in weekdays.I spend most of my time with them, fighting with bugs, share idea, stressed together and laugh together. We not always love , we used to fight.But trust me that is the best time you understanding and see the truth image of people. These people teach me to love different languages, their food  ( I love indian food more than them 🙂 and their music,their culture. We party together, we build the app together .

Our Mighty app release party
Best part of my job is the people I work with
Office Lunch


I didnt travel a lot as I did in past, I spend most of my time in Singapore and enjoy at office. I work weekend, I work late nights, I  am working and working. Nobody push me, Nobody send me email to come office. I am doing what I love and I enjoy my time touching my computer. But I out of office and leave Singapore just short weekend. I went to Vietnam and Kalaw . Both trips were short but full of relax and fun.

Kalaw 2015
Kalaw 2015
Vietnam 2015
Vietnam 2015










Make App

This year , my best achievement in my career is making app and released. I am part of team make app of Might. App for both iphone and Android .All in one Banking, dining and Pay features for one mighty app.  As Front end developer, I use ReactJS,Flex, SASS . Beautiful UI, useful feature of “search ,filter, outlets ,recommended page and so many features are brought by our late nights 🙂


In 2015 I achieved my reading milestones.I went every alternate weekend to library, the smell of books make me happy. I read for hunger of my knowledge, I read for finding solutions, I read for improve my English, I read for happiness.I book my time for at least an hour to read books and news paper everyday. My habit become to my hobby.I would says these books improve my personality, improve my relationship with family,friends,colleagues.Since out of university,books are the lecture of real world.

Within this year,I am carving for self improvement books. I would read more for biography, history and travel books in 2016.Here are the list of books which I read and recommend you to read .

  • Working With You is Killing Me by Katherine Crowley

  • It Starts With Passion by Keith Abraham

  • Happiness in Hard Times by Andrew Matthews

  • Could I Do That? by Simon Hartley

  • Take the Stairs: 7 Steps to Achieving True Success by Rory Vaden

  • Be Unreasonable by Paul Lemberg

  • It’s Not the How or the What but the Who by Claudio Fernández-Aráoz

  • 1,001 Pearls of Runners’ Wisdom (1001 Pearls) by Katovsky

  • The 46 Rules of Genius by Marty Neumeier

Other than that , I constantly still running, cooking, eat less meal. I couldn’t say I only done for good things in this year. I made mistakes, I might bad person for some people. But I learn and rebuild myself from my mistakes. I would not repetition on my mistakes and my failures.

Grow wisely and Happy New year everyone.