Long Weekend hide away: Melaka


12472458_10208971707793805_5576257891244195229_nLong weekend is coming around in Singapore and traditionally we plan to get out of Singapore.I’ve been travel most of places by my own and met my friends around the corner of world always.This time I plan to travel with my friends.Yes, travel often and travel with friends is one of my bucket list before 30. So I let them to lead and follow the flow.

beside of very long queue shop we ate same food no queues 

It turn out really nice experiences, build our strong friendship,sharing knowledge,sharing food and beds 🙂 We take risk,we missed bus, we walk walk a lot of steps (almost 15k per days) in that long weekend under the sun , under the neon light.We missed our bus (luckily it was only cause SGD 7).We trolled people who queue for same food but different shop .

middle of Malaysia and Singapore customs


Melaka is beautiful little city which take their ordinary and keep their antique building.Most of all very clean and feel safe. Food over there are cheap and no need to bagging for shopping(as my experiences for three days).


My favourite area is along Sungai Melaka river, cool fancy cafe and restaurant. Good for walk around and taking pic like tourist.OH yes! I always take different kind of massage whatever I go. The massage I took is beside Pasar Besar Melaka Market and there are disable people who serve massage ,pretty sweet and take care of customers. I would highly recommend to go there and take foot massage.


 Jonker Street Night Market is happy ending of our hungry stomach.