Invite DevCon 2012 Yangon


Hello Mozillain! Today I would like to invite you (officially) to our Mozilla Myanmar will be participate at DevCon2012 which will held Sep14 to Sep16 at Myanmar Infor Tech, Yangon,Myanmar.  And also last week I got confirmation for  shipping swag ##DevConYGN2o12 from MozReps:) And almost finished my slides by Chris helped.And 50% of paper are done and only need to edition.So let’s meet us at DevCon2012.

  • What is DevCon2012?

The second Developer Conference in Myanmar will be held on September   14th –16 th 2012 at the MICT Park, Hlaing University Campus, Yangon, Myanmar. The 2012 Developer Conference (DevCon 2012-Yangon) is opened to all IT professionals who are involved in any kind of software and solution development; including but not limited to web applications, mobile applications, system development, consumer applications, corporate applications, game programming, educational software, device drivers, natural language development, database design and administration, software testing, machine automation, character and voice recognition, image processing, data mining and processing, and security related software.

  • What you will hear from us?

We will talk about Mozilla’s efforts to teach people the benefits of the web, learn how to help us by testing Firefox on Android and get introduced to Firefox OS, the first fully open operating system for mobile devices with apps based on web standards.

Are you come to ##DevConYGN2o12Don’t forgot to join our @MozillaMyanmar session at Sep 14

Opening the Mobile web – Mozillla and Firefox OS

  • Chit Thiri Maung (Community Manager, Mozilla Myanmar)
    02:00 ~ 03:00 PM

    At Room 205 -14 Sep 2012

For More information Check this link

Touris day at Washington DC

It is about time to write my travel to US. Yes, it had been a long journey to travel from Myanmar to US. According to my flight ticket it show RGN (Yangon-capital of Myanmar and city where I live) to BKK(Bangkok) 371 miles.RGN to BKK is not long trip it was about 45mins flight but there was no night flight to my destination. So same as my old trip ( travel to Europe) I was spend my night to Suvarnabh airport.

Traveling alone is not quite easy as you though, especially can’t sleep well as other group/family travelers. I was reminded myself to awake and take care of my little own property(passport, ticket, money)

As money that is more important to me. Being Burmese I don’t have credit card/bank acc not like other travelers. I only bring money and that’s all I have for the whole journey. So I can’t lose them. They are much more important than my sleep.

That’s why I got blood pressure down every my trip.(Phuu but I love travel). The early Moring, I took United Air line from BKK to NRT (Tokyo Narita),it was about 8hour flight and took 2869 miles. Then stay for one half hour and took the last flight to DC. It was about 14hours and 6762miles.

Yes! 14hours in plane was stuck! But I love talking people and I can easily fall asleep everywhere. I was take 3.55pm from Japan local time but I was arrived 3.30pm of Washington DC time. You think I was typing wrong time, No I am not! It is about time zone different.

I was arrived the IAD Washington DC airport at the afternoon! When I was at Immigration and Custom feely a little nervous cause of some rumor about difficulties to get enter US. But I was prepared everything ready and I had strongly believed I can do it. Yes! It was about a few second take these process and the immigration .No Photos at airport because there has restricted to take photo at airport.

officer just ask me one question “Chit! What is your purpose to come US”. You all know my answer will be “Attend AdaCamp as selected applicant and visit Mozilla office”. Then he stamped on my passport. Now it about time to go Hotel. You all know I’m not come from famous, rich family and I’m eco traveler. So I take simple Bus,metro all the way of my travel.

Before I’m talking about the way to DC,I want to tell you every Airport (expect RGN airport) have wifi(with super fast connection).That’s help and most common things for all visitor. As you know, we all are travel and we need internet for checking our flight schedule, email and searching info before we landed up.

And also they have place for charger ( you also need charging same as wifi if you are using wifi).Most impression about at US airport (I was mention at IDA airport) they have information counter. Yes, at our airport (YGN) also have information counter. But not the same is at IAD all staff at information counter are old men.

I don’t have time to ask them not too much but I think they all are retired. Being staff like retied at information counter is very useful. As you know, they all are much more patient than younger staff. And they have much more experiences of knowledge. And also they don’t feel useless after retired from their professional job.

In future, if I have authorized J ,I will suggest to put Retired to work that places.As far as I mention, I’m eco traveler then I was directly go to information center and ask them how I go my hotel. They gave me three options.

1.Take taxi (it is about $60 from IAD to downtown DC)

2.Take super shuffle (it is sharing big taxi and cost will about $30)

3.Take shuffle. It’s bus from Airport to the Metro station. Most important thing if you will take shuffle>> It’s come on time and take $6 exactly. If you will give them $10 or something like that they don’t have change. So please take exact $6.

So I take option 3 and wait shuffle. Yes it is on time. I took 5A from IAD to Rosslyn metro station. Then took metro from  Rosslyn to Farragut North, it is about $3.10 for metro ticket. Here is also one interesting thing at metro station.

You can buy ticket easily at ticket machine by choosing your destinations at machine and plus $1 every selection. Normally it is easy step to buy ticket but if you need help don’t worry every station have information counter and people are welcome to help.

This is most impression part I want to talk you . Continue reading