Profoundly Mistaken


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That is impress post in this early morning I read  POLY STUDENT TRIED TO GIVE CPR TO BIKE ACCIDENT VICTIM  and really appreciate about University teach that course! Shouldn’t be compare, how we had education system, lot of reasons will come out, cause of Country is not Open,Cause People are not smart ,Cause of No Budget.. barlar barLar.But these are about my personal feeling, Why we learn at School and Uni? Why People who drop out of  School are more smarter than people who have great Marks at Schools or Uni.I got Master Degree and I spend over 5 years at Uni. Is that worth enough to spend 5 Years at Uni? Well if not my mom wish I was out of Uni after I got Bachelor . Because of her , I have a little long status and that will useful at the letter behind my name when I marry 😛 Right now I learn double in real life cause I was had BOOKs experiences.

  After Listen Ken Robinson  talk . BTY really great speech and open my mind of thinking again. I was analysis by myself ,yes thing now I’m good these days are not learn from Uni! Learn from Life,learn from experiences, learn from lot of mistakes which I had done. Profoundly Mistaken what a beautiful words, yes I was the kid as same as the kids who grow up small country which not open,can’t speak what you though , can’t get what you want in that Country. But I was change maybe my gene is build in and I found lot of errors (sorry I used my Computer Terms,it should be “Problem”)  about I speak LOUD ,Yes I speak loud about what I think and I stand up for what I feel right. You know stand up mean People can see you if all of them are sitting .Yes people used to sit and silence even they though that’s not right and that’s not reasonable. You know why ?  cause they don’t want to be the Insane in community, Insane in society. That’s what they build in our education system, that what people they in that small little society.  Then I become insane in that society who talk too much and who stand up.That’s make me run out of that country.

I won’t say that Uni are not Good Place, But Uni should be the place which give not only BOOKs and grade but also Life lessons, Life experiences.Now I teach my own life experiences which I haven’t get in My university. Learn New Foreign Language, Learn Physical sport, Learn at Liberary which is not close and not  allow students (yes, back in 2009 I went Uni Library  for searching my thesis related books. What they treat us is Students are not allow to enter the book shelves and find the find, go there small box which wirte down the piece of paper about the author,Title and Years. You can’t  judge the book by its cover, you can’t find out the real taste of the book by its title.Well it must be long story of how my Uni days and I also find out friends who had great grad are turn to Professor.Friends who they think bad at uni like me, not follow dumb ass rules and not high level are smart in Work. I wish our next generation are not worst what we faced.