Dive into your fear


Literally I can’t swim !i didn’t attend swimming lesson.The only thing I have is ambition. I learn from kids , i learn from elder people every time I went to swimming pool .”Look the floor, look the sky ” how they tech for swimming but I also apply to my life. We are not always look sky , and same thing we have to look floor. I usually swim at child pool and around 200m. Since from last month I started swim at adult pool (around 8 feet deep and 50 meter).I gradually increase my distance 200m to 800m within under half an hour.And I extend my running 3k to 4 k within under 30 min.

If you don’t have full control over your life , you will wait for things happen to you ! Don’t wait for opportunity , create them.

Physically stop and resting make you lazy in swimming and running. Keep going and keep swimming make your mussel stronger and your body will used to exhaustive.Yes that is the logic I apply in real life too.You might probably hear about the story of rabbit and tortoise story of how rest can lose your competitor.I don’t think about my competitor as other person,I think about my competitor as myself of current. Current myself must be stronger than past myself. If I might lay down on the ground , I won’t be reach to this place. So don’t let yourself lazy and slow down.Keep up your speed and sharp your brain.

Having different experience never means that your experience is the right & the experience of other is invalid

Some of runner said put music while you run, some runner said run without music, some runner said evening run is better.There must be hundred/thousand of advice from different experiences.The rule you cant follow doesn’t mean, you cant do that entire other ways.Happiness in the life is listen the facts and accept the things we can do. Do not disagree just to show how clever you are or to boost your ego.