Invite Developer and Designer for MozillaMM Community Website

Good News to all,Our Mozilla Myanmar website will get Domain and Hosting soon.We’ll start create Website at offline during Hosting set up.Invite to all Designer and Developer for building website.We will discuss about this weekend meetup.Feel Free to Comment for contribution as Designer and Developer

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Mozilla Myanmar session at BarcampYGN2012

Another weekend is come to Mozilla Myanmar activities. Yes! This weekend we did Mozilla Myanmar Session at Barcamp Yangon.Barcamp Yangon is the third time Barcamp of Myanmar.This year we had special event at Barcamp.What is this? That is our Lady come to BarcampYGN and speak opening speech. This is the first time I saw her outside.Thank for coming and speak valuable speech to youth.

The first day of Barcamp moring,I was bit tired cause of working the whole night and didn’t had enough energy to make session.But I had chance to meet our ICT leader at there meeting time.I spread our Mozilla Preasents to them and I had lovely voices from them.”Oh! Firefox! we use Firefox” 🙂

At the second day of Barcamp,I came early morning and put my session at the 10am to 10.45am at Function Hall A. Then I invited to all to come our Session persuaded with Firefox swags 🙂 During session ThanyalZin Min,Ko Ei Maung and Ko RussellKyaw contributed,shared ideas.

At the end of session I was make some quiz of Firefox and gave presents :). We had great time and get really nice feedback.

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Mozilla Myanmar at Barcamp Mandalay

Happy weekend to all Mozillian.We (Mozilla Myanmar ) had attend Barcamp Mandalay 2012 at Mandalay this weekend. I would like to share my experiences of Mozilla session at Barcamp Mandalay.

Second Barcamp Mandalay was held at Mandalay city.  This year Barcamp Mandalay hit over 3000 Barcampers.Before we made session, we made Mozilla boot . We gave Firefox stickers to pupilc and invited to our Mozilla session.

These words I heard from public “Hey there are Mozilla(Firefox)!” “Can I get one?”” It’s Firefox browser?Can I get?” and they grab the stickers and asked me lot of questions.Me and other volunteers are super busy to answer their questions and all of stickers are run out within 30mins.  🙂

Mozilla Myanmar session at Barcamp Mandalay

Our Mozilla session at 1-2 at Room1. Me and Thanyalzinmin  explain our Mozilla Myanmar process,mission and invited to all future Mandalay  Mozillian and showed Mozilla video .

Mozilla session at Barcamp Mandalay

Mozilla session at Barcamp Mandalay

After all these stuff ,We play Mozilla Quiz with audience 🙂

Super fun to answers quiz and getting presents.

I would like to thank to Barcamp Mandalay Organizers team and enthusiastic volunteers.They gave lot of support to us and helping everything we need even they were too busy.Thanks for all Mozillian. We did first step very well.Looking forward our Mozilla Myanmar  next steps with you all activities and motivations.

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