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Hi visitors! Sorry for didnt update any #mozilla #personal #photography #CMS on my blog.I’ve been work on druapl project and busy with my projects (mostly I’ve been research and discuss with my client ) .I found many of my blog visitor came across from the world and read my blog (mostly on this and this ). Thank for reading my personal digest though and I will write more! These days I had been discover many of secret of life and work.Today let me share work (drupal) first šŸ™‚

Here are good links for Drupal modules!

The book of (good) Modules

This one is a little bit old blog post but some of these modules are we need in our #drupal projects.

Hope you all enjoy and Have a great weekend !

How to add file at Drupal 7

Tutorial Post į€±į€œį€øį€±į€į€¼ į€™į€±į€›į€øį€į€¬ į¾į€€į€¬į€±į€”įæį€•į€®į€†į€­į€Æį€±į€į€¬į€· į€”į€į€Æį€œį€€į€¹į€į€±į€œį€¬ į€”į€€į€®į‚į€­į€Æ Drupal project į€į€į€Æį€±į€›į€øį€›į€„į€¹į€øį€”į€²į‚”į€›į€½į€¬į€±į€į€¼į€‘į€¬į€øį€į€²į€·
į€›į€­į€Æį€øį€›į€½į€„į€¹į€øį€į€²į€· How to add file at Drupal 7 į€†į€­į€Æį€į€²į€· Tutorial į€±į€œį€øį€€į€­į€Æ į€™į€½į€ŗį€±į€į€į€ŗį€„į€¹į€•į€«į€į€šį€¹į‹
į€…į€¬į€–į€į€¹į€žį€° į€›į€²į‚• į€…į€€į€¹į€‘į€²į€™į€½į€¬ (į€žį€­į€Æį€·) į€œį€€į€¹į€į€±į€œį€¬ į€…į€™į€¹į€øį€žį€•į€¹į€‘į€¬į€øį€į€²į€· Drupal project į€±į€œį€øį€›į€½į€­į€™į€šį€¹į€œį€­į€Æį€·į€™į€½į€į€¹į€šį€°į€‘į€¬į€øį€œį€­į€Æį€€į€¹į€•į€«į€™į€šį€¹į‹
į€šį€±į€”į€· į€†į€­į€Æį€’į€¹į€±į€į€¬į€¹į€±į€į€¬į€¹į€™į€ŗį€¬į€øį€™į€ŗį€¬į€øį€™į€½į€¬ į€•į€«į€į€²į€· į€€į€­į€Æį€šį€¹į€›į€½į€²į€į€ŗį€„į€¹į€į€²į€· į€™į€½į€ŗį€±į€į€į€ŗį€„į€¹į€į€²į€· download link į€±į€œį€øį€€į€Æį€­ į€€į€­į€Æį€šį€·į€¹ Drupal į€†į€­į€Æį€’į€¹į€€į€±į€œį€øį€€į€±į€”į€į€„į€¹į€į€ŗį€„į€¹į€į€šį€¹į€†į€­į€Æį€›į€„į€¹į€±į€į€¬į€· Drupal į€™į€½į€¬ į€”į€žį€„į€·į€¹į€•į€«įæį€•į€®į€øį€žį€¬į€ø File module į€±į€œį€øį€€į€­į€Æ On į€œį€­į€Æį€€į€¹į€•į€«į‹

įæį€•į€®į€øį€›į€„į€¹į€±į€į€¬į€· į€€į€­į€Æį€šį€¹į€į€„į€¹į€į€ŗį€„į€¹į€į€²į€· Content į€™į€½į€¬į€į€„į€¹į‚į€­į€Æį€„į€¹į€–į€­į€Æį‚” Field į€į€į€Æį€±į€†į€¬į€€į€¹į€•į€«į€™į€šį€¹į‹į€”į€€į€®į‚į€­į€Æį€€ į€±į€į€¬į€· Blog į€†į€­į€Æį€į€²į€· Content į€€į€±į€œį€øį€™į€½į€¬ į€‘į€Šį€·į€¹į€į€ŗį€„į€¹į€į€¬į€±į¾į€€į€¬į€„į€·į€¹ Structure>Content Type> Blog į€€į€­į€Æį€±į€›į€¼į€øį€•į€«į€į€šį€¹į‹

įæį€•į€®į€øį€›į€„į€¹į€±į€į€¬į€· Field į€”į€žį€…į€¹į€‘į€•į€¹į€‘į€Šį€·į€¹į€į€ŗį€„į€¹į€į€¬į€™į€­į€Æį‚” Manage fields į€€į€­į€Æ į‚į€­į€½į€•į€¹į€œį€Æį€­į€€į€¹į€•į€«į€į€šį€¹į‹

įæį€•į€®į€øį€›į€„į€¹į€±į€į€¬į€· į€œį€­į€Æį€”į€•į€¹į€į€¬į€±į€œį€øį€±į€į€¼į€€į€­į€Æįæį€–į€Šį€·į€¹į€•į€« į‹

Allowed File extension į€™į€½į€¬ į€€į€Æį€­į€šį€¹į€į€„į€¹į€™į€²į€· File į€”į€™į€ŗį€­į€³į€øį€”į€…į€¬į€øį€±į€į€¼į€€į€­į€Æįæį€–į€Šį€·į€¹į€•į€«į‹ File directory į€™į€½į€¬į€±į€į€¬į€· į€žį€®į€øį€žį€”į€¹į‚” Folder į€±į€œį€øį€±į€†į€¬į€€į€¹į€œį€­į€Æį€€į€¹į€•į€«į‹
į€€į€­į€Æį€šį€¹į€±į€†į€¬į€€į€¹į€‘į€¬į€øį€į€²į€· į€–į€­į€Æį€’į€«į€±į€œį€øį€€į€­į€Æį€±į€į€¬į€· sites/default/files/my-download-files į€™į€½į€¬ į€±į€į€¼į‚”į‚į€­į€Æį€„į€¹į€•į€«į€į€šį€¹
į€”į€¬į€øį€œį€¶į€Æį€øį€į€Šį€¹į€±į€†į€¬į€€į€¹įæį€•į€®į€øį€žį€¼į€¬į€øį€›į€„į€¹ Content į€”į€žį€…į€¹į€‘į€Šį€·į€¹į¾į€€į€Šį€·į€¹į€•į€«į‹

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My Mission to MozCamp Asia 2012

GoodMoring Blog reader,you all will notice I didn’t update my blog since finished #DevCon2012.I had been busy with my personal work and more contribute on Mozilla Myanmar . You will see more blog post at Mozilla Myanmar.And I have been writing blog posts for local press journal for offline reader šŸ™‚

Recently I got invited from Mozilla to attend “MozCamp Asia 2012”. How pleaseure of life (La vie en rose).This time is second Mozcamp in Asia an This year’s theme is “Mobilize Mozillians”. Here is my mission (Ma Misson) for Mozcamp Asia 2012.


Chit Thiri Maung

Link to My Mozillians/Reps/Twitter Accounts