Client Demand = Add skills at my CV

Hello my reader,sorry I haven’t  update too my blog cause I am busy at multiple projects. As you know since I got my dream job,I work back joomla and all of my joomla are Joomla 3 🙂  If you don’t know about how cool of joomla 3  must read this . Day by Day I work with joomla and my brilliant colleges and client demand,I have lot of experiences to share you.BTW you all notice my blog is using wordpress and some of my post are about Drupal. Yes,  I being working with joomla since 2008 and Drupal is my new toy which I start work 2011. Honestly I haven’t work WordPress as commercial work but wordpress is best place for sharing my blog.I’ve been seen a lot of CMS wars and competition about Joomla,Drupal,Wordpress.

For my opinion,

  • first important is base on Client demand.some of client don’t have no idea which CMS we will use, but some are very strong on they believe. Like my current client they love joomla.
  • second is base on requirement. Point out this article. Choose which make productive and effectively.

Client Demand = Plus experiences at my CV 🙂

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Happy Mother Day

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Happy Mother Day Mom!

This year is first year,I been away from you to celebrate mom day. After I left from home,I know how much valuable you are in my life.Obviously you are 🙂 And I know how much you will miss me .I do also.You teach me the way of living  life. You cover me with your warm heart and protect me. Mom… your exist is enough for me.Having you is enough in my life. You are the only one who know how I feel whenever I said or not. You are the one who worry about me  . You are the one who love me truly and never change.You are the one who understand me whenever the whole worlds said I had wrong. You are the one who lift me up and support me to stronger …..

Mom! there are lot of words need to describe about you. These only blog post is not enough to share your gratefulness.I love you mom….