voyage au Cambodge

voyage au Cambodge

voyage au Cambodge

Beautiful sunny Friday evening I left out of crowed Singapore. I hadn’t been not travel ,go outside not too much as long as I did in Yangon(My home town) cause I was alone and all house chores works are wait me on weekend.The Cambodia is the first trip I made it in 2013, unfortunately I was canceled my Nepal trip cause of tidy work schedule.I was landed at Phnom penh local time around 9pm and first time I travel without Visa.When I landed the officers are smile and helpful for filling arrival visa. The arrival visa is only $20 and quite easy. I know my name is  unique name and hard to pronounce for non Burmese speaker,but the way of Cambodian pronounce are most funny I ever heard!And they was curious about Burmese lady come from Singapore to Visit Cambodia 🙂 The first thing I notice when I landed PP is the air is similar like Myanmar. Fresh air and make me miss my home.Then we went to the hotel by tuk tuk 🙂 That friendly old tuk tuk driver try to find hotel even he can’t understand English.We had been drove around and around same street. After pass 10 min we gave up and tried to walk and reached to the Hotel. Well! finally we reach Hotel by walk.

voyage au CambodgeCompare with Myanmar I think in City area like Yangon,Myanmar people can speak (not quite well but can understand).And most of street name are given as Number.And I didn’t find out any Bus,Train (MRT) for transport. Each person has own bike or bicycle for transport.I wonder how foreign worker as like me can live there without any transport.But there has also beautiful French style old building and houses around the city. Most of house and building using light yellow color and I think light yellow was their landmark color. building and design at Phnom penh

food at CambodiaThe beautiful Saturday morning I had my favorite breakfast at hotel and the only thing I eat within 3days ( I rarely hard to change new thing).Then I started to look around the city. First place I went there is National Museum of Cambodia ,the entrance fee is about $5 for each. No photos allow in inside of Museum and I not too historical interest person and not Buddish so I prefer spend over the lake side and  enjoy the weather. Then the local Cambodian schools kids visit and feed fish.Then they started take group photos as same like Manneken Pis, I also one of photographer in there.They are so sweet and happy to take pic with me.You’ll see all say “peace” and same post like me .

Cambodian kids take pic with Burmese tourist lady ;)

Then we went to the Real nice Restaurant which call “Friends” . Food are real delicious and made me happy for good food cause I been hate and boring Singapore food. Now felt like back to Bangkok. Food price are cheaper than Singapore dishes.Then went back to hotel for nap,that was too hot (Sunny) in the afternoon and I been used to live with super cold AC weather at office and can’t stand on hot. Every where I went around Cambodia ,every one  think I am Cambodian and only they noticed I am tourist is when I speak and wait the traffic light,find the rush bin and take pic. Well I wasn’t took photos as much as I want cause of too frighten Asian friends :).My friends want me enjoy the culture walk,talk more rather than took pic.I accept somehow they mention and try to avoid less using internet (virtual world like facebook). But I been only visit around for 3days and I can’t say how my memory can keep this view in my brain. Probably I will still in my heart and will remember but for memorizes and sharing to the friends and family I need took photos.

So we made agreement on no using electronic device evening and no make up ( being like local Cambodian girl ,wear slier ,shirt and big pent ) morning.
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So glad I made it

I was watch this video and wrote post when ex-boss who ever worst ex boss in my life ,made me depress and out of control.


1.If you don’t like Your JOB,Quit.

Yes! Thank ex-boss gave me great chance to get My dream job after left from your .
2.If you don’t like something Change it.

Yes I do change a lot by myself.

3.Life is Short !

yes especially when having good time.That’s why enjoy every moment of breath and thank to god giving strength and believe.

4.Travel Often.

I do and will do more
5. Life is simple,Life is about the people You Met.

love every people who made me sad and happiness for giving experiences
6. Live Your Dream and Share Your Passion

 I do and will do more

7. Getting Lost Will Help You Find Yourself!

I had been lost every time I travel and lot of new friends and fun will get cause of I lost ! Wait where am I? 😉

9.Open Your Mind,Arms and Heart to New Things.

I do and I also have think skin for accept all “Criticism, Rejection, Assholes and Pressure.” 

blooming 2013 for Mozilla Myanmar

Good Morning Mozilla Myanmar! I hope you all have great weekend and Happy Monday! After I was left from Myanmar I saw a lot activities at our community Two Barcamps,one meetup and thank for all contribution and being focus on Mozilla Myanmar Community improvement.

First Burmese Browser is Launched

The biggest happiness for this year 2013  is  our first Burmese version Firefox Browser is released !Go through this link and try to test,fill the bug and spread the people. As Mozilla mission, we promote openness, innovation and opportunity on the web. So spread this our first Burmese browser to the local people and listen their feedback and try to promote our web through our language. This process I would like to specially thank to all Arky who helping us for 2 years contribution finalized our Burmese Browser ,L10 member Ko Ngwe Tun, Tin Aung Lin and people who supported.


Frenchies Visit Myanmar

The another news is as you know our Country is open and being focus on the visitor attraction place and lot of IT company, founder are visit around our Country. Among there  Claire who behind the and Vivien from  Mozilla Paris were visit Myanmar and met our Local Contributor and ICT leader both at Yangon and Mandalay. You can see the blog post here.I hope Frenchies would love our country and had pleasure vacation time.

There is another good news to share you all is I have been invited  as speaker from MALAYSIA OPEN SOURCE CONFERENCE . This is first event as Mozilla Myanmar Community member attend as Mozreps and core Mozilla Myanmar Contributor. Stay tuned for the event and look forward our active movement.Even I was far from Myanmar I still contribution Mozilla Myanmar part of thing I can help,I was send blog post for Modern Weekly news journal about Firefox OS and look forward the journal launch out.

If you want to become mozillian let us know! We are warmly welcome to all who love open web.

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Mail List:

Contributing to the Mozilla codebase:



I only Understand..

I’m only understand code, it didn’t trick me even if it’s cheating, it must be beautiful error! That’s why I work at Beautiful Sunny Sunday

The only langauage I understand quiet well and response well is “0” ,”1″ . and “True” “False”. It didn’t have “maybe” ,”Hope so”. “well!! ” …

qui a beaucoup changé loin de la maison

Baker Beach

I had been far away from home more than the time I was traveled in past.Yes, I been stand alone without Mom,without country which I was rise and born. I had been change a lot now. Never though I had been changed that way. Change too much the way I never expect! Meet lot of people! Meet lot of fake! Meet lot of Smile but inside was sad! The more I saw fake ,the more I want to smile.Sometime being intelligent to know every lie and fake is hard .Cause you know everything what will become next and pretend you didn’t know yet is hardful to me.

In life when you hurt too much, that make you more survive faster!And don’t be Patient ,Some people are not worth to Patient.That’s how I change of my life theory! I was used to be Patient but some people though I was dumbed!Now I change and don’t know how they feedback on! I try to ignore most of words which I can’t do and be considerate on the thing I can do! Maybe I’m become selfish? Maybe I become thick skin?And the more you give, people want more and more from you unless the day you can’t  give to them , they turn to be your enemy! So I tried to be said “No” in my mouth for protecting my future  enemy! And funnies things in my life is people who said  gossip easily about what I had been done and they want to become like me 😉 Who ever say I don’t want be leader, I don’t want bar lar bar lar …. gave them opportunity and find out they will say “No” ! No they won’t! The hardest things in life is create own way and easiest thing people do is follow that way! I never had easiest way and always create my own way and I found lot of follower who said gossip behind me  😉