Dive into your fear


Literally I can’t swim !i didn’t attend swimming lesson.The only thing I have is ambition. I learn from kids , i learn from elder people every time I went to swimming pool .”Look the floor, look the sky ” how they tech for swimming but I also apply to my life. We are not always look sky , and same thing we have to look floor. I usually swim at child pool and around 200m. Since from last month I started swim at adult pool (around 8 feet deep and 50 meter).I gradually increase my distance 200m to 800m within under half an hour.And I extend my running 3k to 4 k within under 30 min.

If you don’t have full control over your life , you will wait for things happen to you ! Don’t wait for opportunity , create them.

Physically stop and resting make you lazy in swimming and running. Keep going and keep swimming make your mussel stronger and your body will used to exhaustive.Yes that is the logic I apply in real life too.You might probably hear about the story of rabbit and tortoise story of how rest can lose your competitor.I don’t think about my competitor as other person,I think about my competitor as myself of current. Current myself must be stronger than past myself. If I might lay down on the ground , I won’t be reach to this place. So don’t let yourself lazy and slow down.Keep up your speed and sharp your brain.

Having different experience never means that your experience is the right & the experience of other is invalid

Some of runner said put music while you run, some runner said run without music, some runner said evening run is better.There must be hundred/thousand of advice from different experiences.The rule you cant follow doesn’t mean, you cant do that entire other ways.Happiness in the life is listen the facts and accept the things we can do. Do not disagree just to show how clever you are or to boost your ego.

Long Weekend Toy for Programmer [CoderByte]

Long weekend is coming.I would like to share you all ,the programming challenge web base application for the people who have nothing to do after browsing internet in this weekend like me :)
CoderByte is start at the Kick starter project.It has not only JS languages but also other language like Python,Ruby,Java,C++ and PHP. You can choose by taking challenges within Easy, Medium and Hard mode.Most of the challenges are strongly algorithm base.So not only taking challenges of code but also re-wind our algorithm and theory. And you can review other programmers code and review.As like other Learning website, it has real time compiler, text editor and check your script and show the result with test case.

Enjoy Coding Long weekend

make it habit

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” Nelson Mandela

work-out February is over,there are 2 months we had passed through 2015.You might haven’t notice time flies while you celebrate holidays,New Years and so on.


My running journey was over a year been now.But I didn’t run constantly. Run and stop.I don’t like that my habit .I am good at start something and bad at ending. As Richard St.John said Success is a continuous journey .Yes! running is not one milestone. 2015 I start run back 3 days in week ,started from this January.I can’t say I will slim like model but I can feel my body lighter,healthy and sweaty.

Travel Often,Travel safe,Travel wise,travel far….

I’m believe there is one common habit for all human being is traveling.Travel for leisure,travel for vacation,travel for seeking happiness,travel for adventurous.I have love and hate relationship with traveling. I love travel,discover new friendship but I hate saying good bye the places I love,the food I enjoy,the people who admire me.I made it trip after 1 and half month from my UK trip. Recently I just read about 15 Reasons Why Frequent Travelers Are More Likely To Be Successful quite reflect on my life chaining.


Is learning is count on hobby ,yes it is one of my favorite hobby.Since from school to working I always love to learn. I remember once in my English class after Uni,I felt I am only one who bad English and luck of vocabulary.Then I start write each new words (from dictionary,movies and every words which I discover and didn’t know)after that I learned French. But start from I relocated to Singapore I stop learning my language.I though Singapore is Majority English speaking country and my English will be improve. But I am totally wrong, between mutli-accent I lost my American English accent and didn’t improvement.These are the reason why Start from Mid February I start back my learning skill back.

Tết in Siagon


Travel safe , travel far,travel wide and travel often…

Being part of world there is another new year is coming again. Lunar New Year or Chinese new year is coming to Asia and I am plan my another trip.After discussed with my friends ,I decided to go Vietnam for my vacation and new learning culture. I always happy to travel to the another country which always have my friends are helping me and host me.


My first meal at Saigon is no wonder Pho and Coffee. Honestly I had eaten many of Pho around Singapore and Phnom Penh during travel and I can say I don’t like Pho. But once I landed at Saigon and I had fever from Singapore (I am hardly sick once in year but sick right time to my vacation).My first taste of Pho and coffee make me so gracefully to right choosing of  Vietnam.


I reached right time before the New year being. Around the Saigon city center,many of beautiful Vietnamese girls/women and men and even little kids are wearing traditional dress and taking pictures. I am also glad of my Asian face and being float as Vietnamese .Apart from I am little bigger than normal Vietnamese girl :)


I had tidy days for the places to visit and I had strong fever ,that’s why I skip some  of tourist attraction places which take me time and tried like Chi Chi tunnel  and Pagoda. But I  visited Reunification Palace,Ben Thanh Market,Đường-Hoa-Hàm-Nghi (Flower street for the New year decoration and Book festival).

IMG_2181 Eating local food, walk around lost in the flower market, enjoy playing with street dogs and pretend as like Vietnamese. Saigon weather is same like Singapore and little cold at night.My lovely friend Dan who local and tourist at Saigon show me around and being nice to me a lot.And my new friend Brown who just met at Singapore and  before she will visit to my country the day after me met.You can imagine about my friends are also love to travel like me.

Da Lat

elephant water fall

elephant waterfall

Before I head to Vietnam ,I was google about places to visit most specially like forest and mountain which my target places to visit in 2015.I saw wonderful waterfall(s) and I keep searching about that city and I decided to go there.Da lat  which located 1,500 m (4,900 ft) above sea level and famous of flower,Pine tree and cold weather.

 I took night sleep bus from Saigon to Da lat which is about 6~ 6:30 hours and price are a big higher than normal price cause I travel during holidays season.Once I reach at Da lat about 4 am early morning and I made friends with group of Vietnamese who came for photograph tour . I been hangout with them and start my private motorbike tour with  Tein Tein . My tour guide show me around  Coffee farm, Strawberry farm,flower farm and wild life of Da Lat.IMG_0128.edit1 IMG_0144

Cricket (wont dare to eat)
only way to enter down waterfall
Dalat old Railway Statition


It been 4 days short trip to Vietnam and ofcourse there is never enough time for visiting Country and culture.I on bus two of my night and four day with travelling.Eat local food, learn culture,find new friendship and build strong friendship.Breath fresh air,smell the flower,coffee and eat raw food directly from farm and play around with lovely kids and dogs. Travel is always give me something to think and something to learn.

Books : Lonely Planet Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos & Northern Thailand 

My Own 2014 way



Another year will end and further more year will coming soon. I will old one more year and added my endless experiences and list of things in my journey. Once I look through my 2014 was full of exciting and lot of challenges. I can say 2014 is not smile year as I passed. Well all my journey of life were full of interesting. All things happens with facts.


Yes, I’ve been travel at least twice in every year. But at 2014 I can’t out of this island till end of Oct.I though I will miss my travel this year. Surprises, well surprises will come all the way of my trip. I made Bagan trip as my holidays.It was full of fresh and relax trip.But very short trip and run back to the busy life. At the end of Nov,I’ve invited to the England for the Business trip. England ,yes I been thinking of almost two years and had missed multiple plans to go there.But my fortune can’t let my dream fall.


Durham University 2014

Wonderful little town I spent two weeks in there.Welcome with me 5’C and cloudy gray sky.Simple life , lot of students and camps life’s. Bring back me fresh and young. I am walk alone all these little town and smile on my face. Smiles I haven’t wear within this year cause of beat by stress, over workload , broken  and advantage on my friendships and so on. Oh well ,I don’t want to say back how that bad, Whoever,whatever made me sad , I can smile finally. So I won’t count that things are exit. Just add my experiences to avoid them.

Anyway back to my journey, 19 hours flight wasn’t too long for me compare with other oversea trip. I am fresh and excited once I landed newcastle. Prepare make up, wore the warmest clothes I had and walk to city. Oh my… felt like I been enter to the Multiple refrigerator. And no more light on the sky. I though it was around 7 or 8 pm .(it was 5pm at that time).

Durham Castel

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Stop run from Failure , Run to face the Success

I’d like to Point out my new hobby for 2014 , It will be Running. I started running Jan of 2014 but running is not my new year’s
resolution. I used to swim, but things don’t always work out well when I go swimming. With problems Like skin burn, hair loss, pimples and time take of my skin is much take time of swimming.

My roommate suggested that I start to run and I was a bit surprised,in Singapore people run around day and night, even if it is hot and raining. Running is not my thing because I used to have pain from my stomach after a hard run. So I never thought I could do what I think of as a  hard sport like running. But I will try.

Muscles are the result of pains

We started running around a football field in front of our apartment.It was Sunday evening ,nice weather ,cool breeze and best of all
quiet. My roommate started to run and I just walked (I thought “I cant run!). But after 10 min walking, I started to run. The First time was a bit hard ,pain from everywhere. We set a goal to run 3miles every day . We put medicine on the whole of our legs and our room is full of that medicine smell on the plus side we slept well.

Keep Going

Next day, I had pressure at work , I am extremely tired at work so when I finally get  home I keep think of those problems. So I went
running alone to make myself tired.  I thought I would stop thinking about it but even while running, I still think about those annoying work problems. But my thinking is changed somehow, Even though I am tired ,I can’t stop running because I have a goal, I set it already, And I am the only one who can finish that.
When you stop running you can’t finish your goal and become even later to accomplish that goal.Don’t always take time to relax, sometimes rest will make you lazy. Keep going ,Keep running, you will reach your target. That’s the point of running and I apply that logic at work and everywhere in life.
Yes,honestly I was runner  in my life already. I ran away from my faults,failures and problems. I thought it was a good way to solve
problems but they keep coming if you don’t solve them. Don’t run to fail ,Run at your problems, face them!

Make Addictive yourself

It is not an easy way to grow up having good habits. I set lot of goals and honestly haven’t finish all of them right to the end(yet).
Set your mind to make them addictive. I use runnkeeper, I put in the miles and record my running miles. That keeps me addicted. Sometime yes I am super tired and I want to stop running but I don’t because of my miles. As Work is so is life, we may not have every Happy day and productive time. Keep track of our progress. Don’t give too up to often. So you exhaust yourself? Oh I may rest cause I did well yesterday? Yesterday was not today. You have to finish your miles for your today. what is your “miles for today”?

I have not and will not stop, and I  keep running…