make it habit

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” Nelson Mandela

work-out February is over,there are 2 months we had passed through 2015.You might haven’t notice time flies while you celebrate holidays,New Years and so on.


My running journey was over a year been now.But I didn’t run constantly. Run and stop.I don’t like that my habit .I am good at start something and bad at ending. As Richard St.John said Success is a continuous journey .Yes! running is not one milestone. 2015 I start run back 3 days in week ,started from this January.I can’t say I will slim like model but I can feel my body lighter,healthy and sweaty.

Travel Often,Travel safe,Travel wise,travel far….

I’m believe there is one common habit for all human being is traveling.Travel for leisure,travel for vacation,travel for seeking happiness,travel for adventurous.I have love and hate relationship with traveling. I love travel,discover new friendship but I hate saying good bye the places I love,the food I enjoy,the people who admire me.I made it trip after 1 and half month from my UK trip. Recently I just read about 15 Reasons Why Frequent Travelers Are More Likely To Be Successful quite reflect on my life chaining.


Is learning is count on hobby ,yes it is one of my favorite hobby.Since from school to working I always love to learn. I remember once in my English class after Uni,I felt I am only one who bad English and luck of vocabulary.Then I start write each new words (from dictionary,movies and every words which I discover and didn’t know)after that I learned French. But start from I relocated to Singapore I stop learning my language.I though Singapore is Majority English speaking country and my English will be improve. But I am totally wrong, between mutli-accent I lost my American English accent and didn’t improvement.These are the reason why Start from Mid February I start back my learning skill back.