My Own 2014 way


Another year will end and further more year will coming soon. I will old one more year and added my endless experiences and list of things in my journey. Once I look through my 2014 was full of exciting and lot of challenges. I can say 2014 is not smile year as I passed. Well all my journey of life were full of interesting. All things happens with facts.


Yes, I’ve been travel at least twice in every year. But at 2014 I can’t out of this island till end of Oct.I though I will miss my travel this year. Surprises, well surprises will come all the way of my trip. I made Bagan trip as my holidays.It was full of fresh and relax trip.But very short trip and run back to the busy life. At the end of Nov,I’ve invited to the England for the Business trip. England ,yes I been thinking of almost two years and had missed multiple plans to go there.But my fortune can’t let my dream fall.


Durham University 2014

Wonderful little town I spent two weeks in there.Welcome with me 5’C and cloudy gray sky.Simple life , lot of students and camps life’s. Bring back me fresh and young. I am walk alone all these little town and smile on my face. Smiles I haven’t wear within this year cause of beat by stress, over workload , broken  and advantage on my friendships and so on. Oh well ,I don’t want to say back how that bad, Whoever,whatever made me sad , I can smile finally. So I won’t count that things are exit. Just add my experiences to avoid them.

Anyway back to my journey, 19 hours flight wasn’t too long for me compare with other oversea trip. I am fresh and excited once I landed newcastle. Prepare make up, wore the warmest clothes I had and walk to city. Oh my… felt like I been enter to the Multiple refrigerator. And no more light on the sky. I though it was around 7 or 8 pm .(it was 5pm at that time).

Durham Castel

I slept 6pm not cause of jet leg cause of dark and cold. Even I set full of heat on my room I still slept over the blanket and believe it or not use hair dryer to make my bed warm 🙂

Sunday morning, I wake up and prepare to out again.Oh after english breakfast 🙂English BreakfastYes I been wait till Sun  come out and start my journey around 7:30 :). I been lucky to  catch up both Christmas market both Durham and Edinburgh.Durham Night at Market Hall

I went to the Durham University library  , botanic garden , and  museum and  town hall center within that Sunday day  light.My  walking app Noom Walk  said  I been walk over 2,4000 steps.  Hight record of my walking.Been visit to Oriental Museum in Durham is a little funny. Their main decoration is for Asia and Middle East. From coming Asia as like me is a bit funny and boring to see these display of Chinese bowl which I used to eat everyday at behind the glass show case with lighting. 🙂

Durham Botanical Garden


After asking multiple local for choosing to travel London and Edinburgh, I choose Edinburgh to see the culture, snow and mountain. I took East coast train and on the way I won’t stop talking all the people I met. Old Grandpa travel to met Daughter in Edinburgh, middle age women with family travel to there to have pre Christmas lunch with mom. Sharing culture, languages and knowledge.Wear the smile and talk with my heart all the people are welcome to me.

So here I am City of Scotland. edinburgh calton hill

Cold (more colder than Durham) Dark and Raining Mountain city. People with different accent,lot of tourist, another University town, better transport and yes Christmas market. My favourite in that Edinburgh , Edinburgh Castle .  Spend over 2 hours of my tiny little travel time in there. I wish I could spend more there and look through each journey of life. Unfortunately my phone was dead in that Sunday Morning and I haven’t took any record of that trip.

Edinburgh castle

It was short trip and I had two work week, so I couldn’t reach much places as like holidays.There are a few places I have’t write this post like short night in NewCastle and some Church, Castle I went through all the way of walk . I hope I will have more time in this holidays for writing more about travel experiences.Now I have to sleep back my travel miss sick.

Happy Holidays to all

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