Travel far, pay no fare .. A book can take you anywhere

Since I moved to EastCoast ,my commute for everyday office and home are more than half an hour.I choose to take bus because of the city where I came from doesn’t have electronic train and I am sick of looking at people who always gulp with phone.On Bus, I can get the Sun light by the windows,sometime rain drop on the window and quiet time. I take effort to get up early to finish my daily chaos and leave home early to take bus. If I am being lucky ,sometime the bus driver uncle must say “good morning to me”. And sometime wait for my hight heel run to catch up bus.

When I was in university, I used to fall asleep on our school bus. Yes, our University are out of city and it take at least an hour to reach there. Being five years in university daily trip to that route made me fall asleep easily whether movie vehicle I take. Surprisingly! these day  I am quite awake and curving to read books. I done one short book in three days of my commute. And took two weeks to finish one book as well.

Travel far, pay no fare .. A book can take you anywhere. Once I reading about “A Full Life “ : book about Jimmy Carter, thirty-ninth President. He bring me from small Island of Sunny Singapore to 1900 American farm to White house,and through around the world with his experiences and political view. I haven’t no comment on his political views but I am admire his consistently learning, advocate community person, helping and setting up carter foundation. Start from his boyhood character to the end of Ninety year old man of peanut farmer, serve in Navy , back to home with start from scratch business man , Governor , president and Nobel price winner.

Then again, when I read about Farangi Girl Growing Up in Iran :  book about the girl grow up in Iran with her glamorous American mother and her father a dashing Englishman.She hadn’t been pleasant life like Disney movie. But she been well written about her full dynamics family life with country in Iran, America. Some of her written are quite been difficult to me as second English speaker.I’ve been read two three time to understand some words and some time noted it down for few words. But it is beautiful biography to read.

Just recently I am finishing the book which I borrow last Saturday.I only took complete two days to finish the book and the feeling of finishing this book is quite sad to me. A stolen Life:   Astonishing memorial book! I am quite sad and even my tear are come out when Jaycee met her mother.I couldn’t imagine how life she had been encounter.Just took this book by curiosity of what is life and it turn out remarkable book I ever read. Yes, it was happened and I sure there are many more life which we don’t know had been stolen.I am very glad Jaycee take effort to read this book and still resist to live life. I hope we could aware of our children and our environment more than as we did and support them as we can. I am quite sure ,we would meet kind of Phillip in our life and we even could not create one of them.

Now time to open my new book ….

photo for this post was I took around 2012 in mandalay

spectrum of light

Sunday morning, the wind breeze around the pool.The sun hasn’t full shine and her lights are cover by dark clouds.It was quiet morning and I was the only one who around in pool. I am having my morning coffee after first round of my swimming. The father and daughter walk toward to the pool and having chat about how cold and quiet morning it is. They glance at me and I smile to both of them. Then they started change clothes and prepare to swim.Girl around age of 11 was talking to her dad the water might be cold and she started touching the water with her feet. “Oh! it is cold Daddy”! she shouted to her Dad.Yes, indeed! water was a bit colder than normal because of cloudy wind and heave rain by last night.The man around age of 40 look his daughter and “go ahead!once you enter into water you will not cold!” shouted to his daughter who is stopping half way of in ground pool ladder. I am looking the girl and see how she respond. Eventually,she started enter into water and moved around her body and shouting,laughing to her Dad.”Daddy! come! come! let swim” . Later on they both swam and forgot about how cold water was.

It was short moment I saw in this morning and it remind me of how we are affect by our parent(s). That moment ,he can say his daughter “wait till sun come up”, “Don’t go deep water” “Wait ,I come with you and swim with me”. The way he respond is the way how the girl react.What if he say, “wait till sun come up” and the girl will think waiting in situation will good enough to do something? What if he say “Wait ,I come with you and swim with me”,the girl will always depend on him and hard to do herself. It is normal conversation between father and daughter but it turn out huge topic for me to think. How I will respond if I have child ? How I want my child grow up?

Just recently I  had deep conversation with my co-worker about same topic of how are parent(s) reflect to our future. I haven’t spend enough time with my Dad so I have not too much reflecting from him. But I am reflection of my mom and I’m thankful to my mom how she rise and lift my life. Our parent(s) want all the best for our life, all the success and all the happiness to our life and they don’t want we hurt, they don’t want we fall. Although, how parent(s) prevent faults and failure from our life, we eventually have to face it and fix it.

Behind every successful man / woman there are wonderful parents”! There is father who let his daughter read,think and speak behind Malala.… There is a mother who rised the daughter who become first female computer scientist Ada Lovelace… There were drug abuse parent who give life experiences to their daughter ,Liz Murray who best seller of homeless to harvest.… .

So how (parent(s)) you want your child to live life wisely and strongly? And you (children of reflection ) how you become spectrum of light?