Tết in Siagon


Travel safe , travel far,travel wide and travel often…

Being part of world there is another new year is coming again. Lunar New Year or Chinese new year is coming to Asia and I am plan my another trip.After discussed with my friends ,I decided to go Vietnam for my vacation and new learning culture. I always happy to travel to the another country which always have my friends are helping me and host me.


My first meal at Saigon is no wonder Pho and Coffee. Honestly I had eaten many of Pho around Singapore and Phnom Penh during travel and I can say I don’t like Pho. But once I landed at Saigon and I had fever from Singapore (I am hardly sick once in year but sick right time to my vacation).My first taste of Pho and coffee make me so gracefully to right choosing of  Vietnam.


I reached right time before the New year being. Around the Saigon city center,many of beautiful Vietnamese girls/women and men and even little kids are wearing traditional dress and taking pictures. I am also glad of my Asian face and being float as Vietnamese .Apart from I am little bigger than normal Vietnamese girl 🙂


I had tidy days for the places to visit and I had strong fever ,that’s why I skip some  of tourist attraction places which take me time and tried like Chi Chi tunnel  and Pagoda. But I  visited Reunification Palace,Ben Thanh Market,Đường-Hoa-Hàm-Nghi (Flower street for the New year decoration and Book festival).

IMG_2181 Eating local food, walk around lost in the flower market, enjoy playing with street dogs and pretend as like Vietnamese. Saigon weather is same like Singapore and little cold at night.My lovely friend Dan who local and tourist at Saigon show me around and being nice to me a lot.And my new friend Brown who just met at Singapore and  before she will visit to my country the day after me met.You can imagine about my friends are also love to travel like me.

Da Lat

elephant water fall

elephant waterfall

Before I head to Vietnam ,I was google about places to visit most specially like forest and mountain which my target places to visit in 2015.I saw wonderful waterfall(s) and I keep searching about that city and I decided to go there.Da lat  which located 1,500 m (4,900 ft) above sea level and famous of flower,Pine tree and cold weather.

 I took night sleep bus from Saigon to Da lat which is about 6~ 6:30 hours and price are a big higher than normal price cause I travel during holidays season.Once I reach at Da lat about 4 am early morning and I made friends with group of Vietnamese who came for photograph tour . I been hangout with them and start my private motorbike tour with  Tein Tein . My tour guide show me around  Coffee farm, Strawberry farm,flower farm and wild life of Da Lat.IMG_0128.edit1 IMG_0144

Cricket (wont dare to eat)
only way to enter down waterfall
Dalat old Railway Statition


It been 4 days short trip to Vietnam and ofcourse there is never enough time for visiting Country and culture.I on bus two of my night and four day with travelling.Eat local food, learn culture,find new friendship and build strong friendship.Breath fresh air,smell the flower,coffee and eat raw food directly from farm and play around with lovely kids and dogs. Travel is always give me something to think and something to learn.

Books : Lonely Planet Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos & Northern Thailand