Moztrip to US (Days at DC)

At Raining July 8 I started fly through to the way of Washington DC to attend AdaCamp This Camp is held at July 10-11 at Washington Post building. I was selected application form by AdaCamp and
my travel plan is started within 1month before I fly out. We (two Mozillia Reps) and our mentor Lukas   are represent as Mozilla reps and women open source.
We (me and Melek) got sponsor  from Mozilla to attend this camp. Unfortunately Melek  was problem with Visa and we didn’t get chance to meet her. But she had chance to meet with Luka at RepCamp at Berlin.
Two days on flight and airport finally I reach to US after crossing Pacific ocean. The first night me and Lukas went out DC dinner at Mexico restaurant and went bed early cause we both losing time zone and need more energy for AdaCamp.

AdaCamp is Beginning
At July 10 ,Sunny DC day we started to AdaCamp.The AdaCamp we have 65 sessions over 2 days here is link from official adacamp .I got uncountable experiences,sharing,meeting,brainstorming and lot of fun.I met lot of super awesome women. And share lot of our experiences.And we didn’t noticed the time is passed through and we had dinner with our own sponsor group.Our  first day dinner was sponsor by Mozilla 🙂

The second day of Adacamp is more active  and more exciting.These session are I involved

Here are all session and ideas brainstorming.

We had several session during the same time that’s why I can’t attend all these sessions. But we can catch out these links and still brainstorming at mailing list.I will write more detail about “Open Education” and “Work up the chain (Kill Your Boss) ” session which I got ideas from these session. Hopefully not too late next weekend.Cause of AdaCamp I eat my first time Ethiopian food.

The final day of our AdaCamp we are invited by Wikimedia Opening Conference at Library of Congress.They allowed to wear formal dress and traditional dress.So you can imagine what I will wear.Yes! I bring our Burmese dress 🙂







Every time I was meeting,greeting with people. They are surprise I was come from Myanmar(Burma) and all they said was “You are the first person we met as Burmese”. Yes I am proud of to be Burmese and proud of part of the Mozilla.


Photos!I hope you all want to see about our movement photos during camp.But this Adacamp we take less tweet,direct post on social and taking pictures and more activate on Camp. That’s another good idea of camp.
The reason I like this idea is we can more more participate on the Camp, brainstorming and meeting people and talking rather than tweeting on social. I hope I will plan to make this idea our next Moz Cafe. 🙂

Another things I got from AdaCamp is “Stand Up and Speak out”. I was used to live “Listen and agreed” environment. But During this AdaCamp they teach me(gave me) ideas “Stand Up and Speak out” for our Opinion.

The best of  AdaCamp is “Wall of Compliments” idea started by our Awesome MozReps Lukas. You can see the wall of Compliments and how they gave us.I was shock and make me breathless during reading this.

Here is Our MozReps (me and Lukas) taking photo in front of White House.

I will continue wirting post about Moztrip to US(Days at San Francisco) about visiting Mozilla office at Mountain view and SanFrancisco.That post will be full of love with Mozillian and activities of Mozillian. Today I will meet my Burmese Mozillian and we have lot of task to take on upcoming next event.So please keep on eye my blog and don’t hesitate to ask me any question about “Mozilla”

2 thoughts on “Moztrip to US (Days at DC)

  1. Wow wonderful post 🙂 looks it was a great experience and I’m really happy about that!! hope we will meet soon and we will talk more about it ^^ and cuuuuute blog love it 😀 Ramadan Karim 🙂

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