Stop run from Failure , Run to face the Success

I’d like to Point out my new hobby for 2014 , It will be Running. I started running Jan of 2014 but running is not my new year’s
resolution. I used to swim, but things don’t always work out well when I go swimming. With problems Like skin burn, hair loss, pimples and time take of my skin is much take time of swimming.

My roommate suggested that I start to run and I was a bit surprised,in Singapore people run around day and night, even if it is hot and raining. Running is not my thing because I used to have pain from my stomach after a hard run. So I never thought I could do what I think of as a  hard sport like running. But I will try.

Muscles are the result of pains

We started running around a football field in front of our apartment.It was Sunday evening ,nice weather ,cool breeze and best of all
quiet. My roommate started to run and I just walked (I thought “I cant run!). But after 10 min walking, I started to run. The First time was a bit hard ,pain from everywhere. We set a goal to run 3miles every day . We put medicine on the whole of our legs and our room is full of that medicine smell on the plus side we slept well.

Keep Going

Next day, I had pressure at work , I am extremely tired at work so when I finally get  home I keep think of those problems. So I went
running alone to make myself tired.  I thought I would stop thinking about it but even while running, I still think about those annoying work problems. But my thinking is changed somehow, Even though I am tired ,I can’t stop running because I have a goal, I set it already, And I am the only one who can finish that.
When you stop running you can’t finish your goal and become even later to accomplish that goal.Don’t always take time to relax, sometimes rest will make you lazy. Keep going ,Keep running, you will reach your target. That’s the point of running and I apply that logic at work and everywhere in life.
Yes,honestly I was runner  in my life already. I ran away from my faults,failures and problems. I thought it was a good way to solve
problems but they keep coming if you don’t solve them. Don’t run to fail ,Run at your problems, face them!

Make Addictive yourself

It is not an easy way to grow up having good habits. I set lot of goals and honestly haven’t finish all of them right to the end(yet).
Set your mind to make them addictive. I use runnkeeper, I put in the miles and record my running miles. That keeps me addicted. Sometime yes I am super tired and I want to stop running but I don’t because of my miles. As Work is so is life, we may not have every Happy day and productive time. Keep track of our progress. Don’t give too up to often. So you exhaust yourself? Oh I may rest cause I did well yesterday? Yesterday was not today. You have to finish your miles for your today. what is your “miles for today”?

I have not and will not stop, and I  keep running…

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