Different But Close

Different but Close

Happy Weekend to all.. Today my right time brain alarm wake me up same time as Office hour ,then look myself  fresh enough to go out and make exercise 🙂 Yes I been stop and start my exercise schedule depend on my office hours. Happy enough to stay office as much as I can cause office is like my home.But I need to make out  my body movement. Friends from HS (Hackerspace) run every (mostly) evening but I can’t catch up men running 🙂 So I take my own running 🙂

Walking (oh! half running) at Morning is so pleasure. My town(Myanmar) has less and less tree nowadays. Yes , last 4 years we had lot of trees and we lost lot of tree during Nargis and also public un-awareness.I’m so sick when someone burn the rubbish, chop the tree with no reason.We couldn’t get back these tree within a few years .. Garr there is so many things people need to learn about environment in Myanmar.

In Singapore, mostly Trees are everywhere and I love seeing people care of environment. This photos is took the way of my walk from home to Sea. Yes, I live very near at the beach (East Coast) and every morning and night seeing Sea and breath the Sea wind is so pleasure.

Seeing these Two trees (yes these are two trees) with Different color give me lot of though. Same like them, people who live around us have different color (different way of thinking live and living life). You can’t say is he/she is black skin and black mind or he/she has white skin white mind….


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