Client Demand = Add skills at my CV

Hello my reader,sorry I haven’t  update too my blog cause I am busy at multiple projects. As you know since I got my dream job,I work back joomla and all of my joomla are Joomla 3 🙂  If you don’t know about how cool of joomla 3  must read this . Day by Day I work with joomla and my brilliant colleges and client demand,I have lot of experiences to share you.BTW you all notice my blog is using wordpress and some of my post are about Drupal. Yes,  I being working with joomla since 2008 and Drupal is my new toy which I start work 2011. Honestly I haven’t work WordPress as commercial work but wordpress is best place for sharing my blog.I’ve been seen a lot of CMS wars and competition about Joomla,Drupal,Wordpress.

For my opinion,

  • first important is base on Client demand.some of client don’t have no idea which CMS we will use, but some are very strong on they believe. Like my current client they love joomla.
  • second is base on requirement. Point out this article. Choose which make productive and effectively.

Client Demand = Plus experiences at my CV 🙂

According to our client demand,I need to rewrite the Joomla content Back end.Why I rewrite back end. Cause we want to stole additional data value at the content table and retrieve at the front page some how.Yes, you guys must point me out of some extension to use instead of re write content. Because we want  user friendly (user = content editor ) back-end. So we can’t use super complex extension as for end user.

Using extension I found one good extension which can apply in our projects.


That’s cool extension,which you can make group and add the require fields which will appear at the content (article).


Pros: easy to use, Customize, user friendly and Free.

Cons: Fields are limited. You only choose text,select,image,image gallery and text area. 

After using this extension, I made PHP file which collect require data from Database and show in Responsive Front page.Steps are easy but writing code is a bit tasty 🙂 During this page I found out lot of  Joomla Secret (Maybe Secret to me )

Secret of Joomla Content

I want to pass my content id which using Fieldattach to the php so I find out which code joomla is using.

1.All of Joomla content are using as “id” , you can pass your article id to the PHP with this script

$get_article_id = htmlspecialchars($_GET['id'],ENT_QUOTES);

2.And I passed this data to database and retrive some how, than I notice Joomla save articles even you delete on the CMS at the trash manager. So everytime you retrive article which can appear some of Trash Articles which you haven’t delete at Trash Manager. So my if you want retrieve your data should add this query.

$sql    .= 'SELECT * FROM  `your table` WHERE   condition  And state = 1';

state = 1 is publish, 0 is unplish and -2 is Trash file. So you can manage which article you want to retrieve.

3. Retrieve content different pages as different design.Cool stuff in Joomla 3 maybe start from 2.5 ? I haven’t test on 2.5 ,so for me is from Joomla 3 we can choose each Article page as Each Temple.

How we do? Just simple.

  • create Article at Article Mdifferent template for different pageanager
  • then go the menu manager and Choose the template 🙂 That’s all

Have a nice weekend 🙂

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