Firefox OS Singapore User group Meetup

Happy Weekend to all! It is about time to write blog post of our Firefox OS Singapore User Group meetup #FirefoxOSSG . As you know I been out of Myanmar and can’t able to participate #MozillaMyanmar at physically event,meetup. Then I really want to do #firefoxOS meetup at Singapore. It is one of my Mozilla mission for the 2013. After I’ve been attend some events at #HackerspaceSG and #Neo , I met a lot of cool geek and talk about #FirefoxOS then we created  FirefoxOSSG group at facebook . .

At April 1 , I talked Lighting talk about “What is FirefoxOS ” at talk.js  Singapore JS User Group Meetup. Thank Tim for invite me and encourage me to talk. Here is my slides and thank for who support  me and encourage me to talk.That’s cool event and went well successfully . My mission about to talk “FirefoxOS” at talk.js is to invite them (js geek) to our First meetup and sit and hack around FirefoxOS and create apps.

At Thursday 4 April, Our event is start at 8pm. I’ve talk about “Intro of Mozreps” and “What is the mission of this event and how we continue next meetup.Oh! I missed something,before we talk ,Pizza which sponsor by Mozilla are arrived and had dinner with pizza ;). Thank Mozreps council memeber and Konstantina Papadea for giving budget as small amount of my request time. After talking by me, Luther   shared “how to develop your very first Firefox OS app”. I’ll request Luther to upload his slides . After talk, always fun time for “Q & A ” feedback and disscussion that’s my favouite part and can know more tips behind the sesenc. Like “Htain Lin Htoo ask about “Firefox OS can run on Raspberry Pi” and luther answer  to share this And Simon answer most of technical questions.

Here are some short note of questions during the event and I will request to Simon and Luther to answer back through blog post or our etherpad.

1.developer license is require
2.API security ?
3.Protecting Source code ?
Another achieving result is one of our attendees “Vu Minh Khue” shared about his experiences of  build Firefox OS at his Galaxy Nexus phone. Check his blog through this link.
Then Chit chat and group photos, we met core strong geek and we plan to meet once in month (like other user group meetup) and next time we will hack more on API ,apps .Please feel free to suggest for time and date for upcoming next meetup and we invite you all.

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