voyage au Cambodge

voyage au Cambodge

voyage au Cambodge

Beautiful sunny Friday evening I left out of crowed Singapore. I hadn’t been not travel ,go outside not too much as long as I did in Yangon(My home town) cause I was alone and all house chores works are wait me on weekend.The Cambodia is the first trip I made it in 2013, unfortunately I was canceled my Nepal trip cause of tidy work schedule.I was landed at Phnom penh local time around 9pm and first time I travel without Visa.When I landed the officers are smile and helpful for filling arrival visa. The arrival visa is only $20 and quite easy. I know my name is  unique name and hard to pronounce for non Burmese speaker,but the way of Cambodian pronounce are most funny I ever heard!And they was curious about Burmese lady come from Singapore to Visit Cambodia 🙂 The first thing I notice when I landed PP is the air is similar like Myanmar. Fresh air and make me miss my home.Then we went to the hotel by tuk tuk 🙂 That friendly old tuk tuk driver try to find hotel even he can’t understand English.We had been drove around and around same street. After pass 10 min we gave up and tried to walk and reached to the Hotel. Well! finally we reach Hotel by walk.

voyage au CambodgeCompare with Myanmar I think in City area like Yangon,Myanmar people can speak (not quite well but can understand).And most of street name are given as Number.And I didn’t find out any Bus,Train (MRT) for transport. Each person has own bike or bicycle for transport.I wonder how foreign worker as like me can live there without any transport.But there has also beautiful French style old building and houses around the city. Most of house and building using light yellow color and I think light yellow was their landmark color. building and design at Phnom penh

food at CambodiaThe beautiful Saturday morning I had my favorite breakfast at hotel and the only thing I eat within 3days ( I rarely hard to change new thing).Then I started to look around the city. First place I went there is National Museum of Cambodia ,the entrance fee is about $5 for each. No photos allow in inside of Museum and I not too historical interest person and not Buddish so I prefer spend over the lake side and  enjoy the weather. Then the local Cambodian schools kids visit and feed fish.Then they started take group photos as same like Manneken Pis, I also one of photographer in there.They are so sweet and happy to take pic with me.You’ll see all say “peace” and same post like me .

Cambodian kids take pic with Burmese tourist lady ;)

Then we went to the Real nice Restaurant which call “Friends” . Food are real delicious and made me happy for good food cause I been hate and boring Singapore food. Now felt like back to Bangkok. Food price are cheaper than Singapore dishes.Then went back to hotel for nap,that was too hot (Sunny) in the afternoon and I been used to live with super cold AC weather at office and can’t stand on hot. Every where I went around Cambodia ,every one  think I am Cambodian and only they noticed I am tourist is when I speak and wait the traffic light,find the rush bin and take pic. Well I wasn’t took photos as much as I want cause of too frighten Asian friends :).My friends want me enjoy the culture walk,talk more rather than took pic.I accept somehow they mention and try to avoid less using internet (virtual world like facebook). But I been only visit around for 3days and I can’t say how my memory can keep this view in my brain. Probably I will still in my heart and will remember but for memorizes and sharing to the friends and family I need took photos.

So we made agreement on no using electronic device evening and no make up ( being like local Cambodian girl ,wear slier ,shirt and big pent ) morning.
voyage au Cambodge So I can’t take beautiful view of Mekong river and people around the city.The best place for enjoy relaxing time was went to blind massage.I had been walked too much and spoke a lot (much  speak in normal days) ,so I being so tired and need big massage. This is my first time to massage and first time of blind massage.Body massage was good but I don’t like wear long shirt and the lady was sit on me ,It was too hot and not too much relax for me. So I only take foot massage next day and I made good choice. The price is a bit cheap $5 for 60 minutes foot massage. I gave extra $5 for the blind man who has already girl friend and didn’t hangout casuse of not too much money. I own much money than him but don’t have good reason to spend money so I decide to share some money and make him happy. He gave me extra massage on my heard and when he touch my hair he said oh! long hair ! Yes, I haven’t noticed my hair are getting long.(almost 2 and half years).When we finished massage all shop expect some club and bar are close.So we choose cup noodle for dinner instead of going noisy and crowed pub.I just noticed we can use both US dollar and local Cambodia money which thousand of dollar .

Classy Blue dress

The Sunday morning we went to Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum and I won’t write any more detail about it right now! Maybe I will wrote and read about it when I old enough and strong enough. It gave me sadness much more than I visited Holocaust Museum. The half of Sunday didn’t make me fresh even Vietnamese soup can’t help out. So we decided not to go too emotional places and just enjoy the city life and plan to bough souvenir. We planed to go Russian Market  and we reach old,crowed and super dirty local big market with my classy blue dress. No wonder how many people will look and think that Cambodia girl is celebrate own part at Wet market 🙂

 Tous Les JoursThe another thing I love in Cambodia is second language is French. Even I can’t speak and read well I’m so happy to see and try to pronounce with bad Accent.We can’t find out Russian market till evening and my friends blame on the guide book point out wrong direction. We stop at good coffee shop call ” Tous Les Jours”. Don’t like too much about fake Americano coffee but music on that coffee shop is so sweet and have time to rest (we walked half of city to find Russian Market).

My Cambodia trip is much more relax and much more fun and gave me lot of memories as same as all my trips.I hope I will visit more across the world. Enjoy  Happy Friday and Happy weekend all. 🙂

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