So glad I made it

I was watch this video and wrote post when ex-boss who ever worst ex boss in my life ,made me depress and out of control.


1.If you don’t like Your JOB,Quit.

Yes! Thank ex-boss gave me great chance to get My dream job after left from your .
2.If you don’t like something Change it.

Yes I do change a lot by myself.

3.Life is Short !

yes especially when having good time.That’s why enjoy every moment of breath and thank to god giving strength and believe.

4.Travel Often.

I do and will do more
5. Life is simple,Life is about the people You Met.

love every people who made me sad and happiness for giving experiences
6. Live Your Dream and Share Your Passion

 I do and will do more

7. Getting Lost Will Help You Find Yourself!

I had been lost every time I travel and lot of new friends and fun will get cause of I lost ! Wait where am I? 😉

9.Open Your Mind,Arms and Heart to New Things.

I do and I also have think skin for accept all “Criticism, Rejection, Assholes and Pressure.” 

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