qui a beaucoup changé loin de la maison

Baker Beach

I had been far away from home more than the time I was traveled in past.Yes, I been stand alone without Mom,without country which I was rise and born. I had been change a lot now. Never though I had been changed that way. Change too much the way I never expect! Meet lot of people! Meet lot of fake! Meet lot of Smile but inside was sad! The more I saw fake ,the more I want to smile.Sometime being intelligent to know every lie and fake is hard .Cause you know everything what will become next and pretend you didn’t know yet is hardful to me.

In life when you hurt too much, that make you more survive faster!And don’t be Patient ,Some people are not worth to Patient.That’s how I change of my life theory! I was used to be Patient but some people though I was dumbed!Now I change and don’t know how they feedback on! I try to ignore most of words which I can’t do and be considerate on the thing I can do! Maybe I’m become selfish? Maybe I become thick skin?And the more you give, people want more and more from you unless the day you can’t  give to them , they turn to be your enemy! So I tried to be said “No” in my mouth for protecting my future  enemy! And funnies things in my life is people who said  gossip easily about what I had been done and they want to become like me 😉 Who ever say I don’t want be leader, I don’t want bar lar bar lar …. gave them opportunity and find out they will say “No” ! No they won’t! The hardest things in life is create own way and easiest thing people do is follow that way! I never had easiest way and always create my own way and I found lot of follower who said gossip behind me  😉

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