Un clickable a

These days I have big holidays and I am a bit free. Most of my things are settle down and I try to work back my time schedule  Like I did in past, Morning exercise,reading news before and after work. Learning new or testing. Then I got one Drupal Project from my friend as volunteer on fixing bug. I am so happy to work back on Drupal after 3 months working on Joomla. Well! I still love both of them.

I don’t know what you guys think,for me fixing bug is more hard then building new. Since my last two joomla projects I was re writing templates according to Client guide line with responsive and fixing bug.  Start day of helping friend project I got Brilliant ideas .

In their issue list they have nav-menu with has Child menu. But they don’t want to clickable the root menu and only clickable Child.So for this one I found one from googling. That’s for the html may not useful in Drupal.

     <style type='text/css'>
     a span.unclickable  { text-decoration: none; }
     a span.unclickable:hover { cursor: default; }
<a href="http://www.google.com">
  <span class='unclickable' onclick='return false;'>description<br></span>
  <span>some url</span>

In that code main key is  onclick=’return false;’  You can copy code and test it.

For Drupal we use simple module which call Special Menu Items  http://drupal.org/project/special_menu_items . Download ,Install and enable that module.

Then go to your menu and add <nolink> in the Path. Or if you want Spreader type <separator> in the path.

menu link

 That’s all.Enjoy using simple technique. I not done all issue list so I will continue next blog post. Enjoy holidays all

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