Mozcamp Asia 2012 Welcome Event

Mozcamp Asia !It’s about time to spread out Mozcamp Aisa 2012 to my blog reader.As you know I been busy for event before I flied to Singapore. I was landed Singapore Thursday 15 Nov evening the day before Mozcamp for catch up  Firefox OS and MDN Developer Event at Hub.Then spent the rest at V Hotel. Morning we are moving to Hub for Community Building Meetup .After that we run out for prepare Country Fair.



At Community Building Meetup I had chance to took pic with our Evenglist Chirs. Meeting my ideal person being the avatar is so happiness in life and all they said “Happy to see you are here ” 🙂

Before we had country fair Singapore rain make all wet but we celebrate within at Rain! So happy to explain our traditional food and what we had done in our country .So many visitor come to my boot and cheering me up even I was alone from Myanmar.

We end up our welcome event with Mozilla  gangnam style.

Love thing in living Mozilla Community is meeting lot of people who love Open Web and strong passionate.I met my old Mozillain, Mozreps and also met news friends and spread my network more and more.

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