Meet Chit Thiri Maung from Mozilla Myanmar

Here is an interview of Chit, a fantastic Mozilla Reps in Myanmar, who has just participated to the #DevCon2012, the largest developers’ conference at Myanmar, Yangon.

  • How did you discover free/libre software?

My name is Chit Thiri Maung. Most people known me as “ahkeno”, which is my blog name. I got a Master Degree from University of Computer Studies of Yangon (UCSY) in 2010. In 2008, when I prepared my thesis, I worked in a web development company, Myanmar Technology Gateway MTG, as a junior web developer. It was the beginnig of open source’s use in our company.

Joomla was my first open source project and Firefox my first web browser. Being a web developer / designer, Firefox helps me a lot in my work with it’s addons and plugins. Firebug, Colozilla, Fontfinder are my favorite addons and I still using them.

  • How did you come to Mozilla? What are you working on within Mozilla?

Making / having open source community is one of my dream, when I attend several Barcamps in YGN, MDY and Bangkok. Attending Mozilla Thai session in 2010 Oct, which was held at BarcampBKK, was my first step into Mozilla Myanmar Community. I met William, Gen, Dietrich and all the Mozilla Thai community.

I started contribution by localizing Firefox in January 2011 and was with Arky at Barcamp YGN2011. I become MozReps in June 2011, when the Reps program starts. In September, I attended MozCamp Asia which took place in Malaysia and was the first Mozcamp in Asia. I was so proud to be there, representing Myanmar, and met the talent behind the avatar. Most of Mozilla staff, contributors and volunteers, met in the same place, shared ideas, hacked, and contributed to make web better.

After I came back from MozCamp Asia, I had so much enthusiasm by Mozilla contribution and got new dreams to attend the next MozCamp with our Myanmar contributors.

Now, I contribute to all these Mozilla projects:

Localization of Firefox Aurora



Evangelism Reps


Sumo (localization)

  • What do you prefer about Mozilla?

The Mozilla mission: “Mozilla’s mission is to promote openness, innovation, and opportunity on the web.” Without Mozilla, I am sure we would not have things like Wikipedia and social networks. The web would have stayed a corporate tool.

  • And if you could improve something, what would that be?

These status are not only I did but also my community do. We started creating our Mozilla Myanmar Community in June 2011. In May 2012, we launched Mozilla Myanmar Community website.

We finished localization of Firefox Aurora: it is 94% done!

What would you want WoMoz to do in order to improve your life and experience in Mozilla?

Of course, WoMoz already helped me :) . I met “Delphine”  and “Julia” through WoMoz.

They helped me a lot with community stuff and big encouragements. And also, I participated to Adacamp DC, in Washington DC, in July, because I saw WoMoz mailist and I got sponsor from Mozilla. The theme of that camp was Women in OpenSource and I attended it with Meleka and Lukas. As I said at AdaCamp, I came from “Listen and follow environment” and I want “Stand up, speak out and take action”, especially to our Burmese People.

And it is a good challenge to make action to the traditional women to the Open web! Big encourage from WoMoz and if possible monthly discussions,brain storming of what was past we done and what we will do future!

Do you have any ideas for WoMoz projects that you would like to launch?

It is my dream to have a community and to help people getting more education and improving their lives! Especially as far as I am woman – oh yes,obviously I am woman :) – and working with open source .That means we have more struggle job opportunities and balance life other than normal women career. In my IT environment, there is not much more female geek! So, we need more women in open source and more women in geek projects. Mozilla and through Womoz communities can help to achieve my dreams.


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