Moztrip to Mozilla office(Days at San Francisco and Mountain View)

It is about time to tell my days at Mozilla office and visit around San Francisco,Mountain View.As you all know I have been attend AdaCamp during July 10-11.After the camp I have one day for visit around Washington DC.I love all Museum in DC and I will write my experiences  of traveling to US as personal blog post.Here is photos of My travel to US.

Now let’s continue to the Moztrip to San Francisco.I was landed San Jose at round about 9pm Friday(don’t’ want to tell about flight delay anymore) and visit San Francisco during weekend.My feeling to San Francisco is like I was arrived to another Planet. Weather is super COLD to me.

My work week is start at Monday July 16.I went to the Mozilla office at Mountain View and had great chance to meet with Mitchell Baker.Thank Mary  and Rowe for arranging me everything. Feeling of arriving at Mozillia office was feel like I walk in the dream! Everybody from Mozilla office is so nice to me. Smile,Cheer and heard lot of words for “Welcome” .Feel like I arrive my home.Safe and warmly.

The early morning of Tuesday I went to the San Francisco office to  meet Mary and visit around Beautiful office beside the Bay Bridge.During my visit I was found my pic and other comm reps photos at the Mozilla office. You can imagine how I feel. I was shock and surprise and then I was jealous my photo was arrived early than me 🙂

One night and 2days at San Francisco office,met lot of awesome people and great chance met with David and Michael.Same time Sumo Team had meeting at San Francisco office.

The end of my last day was in Mountain View wit WebQA team. Thank Matt  for invite me to WebQA team meeting.And also Thank again Lukas for making connecting with Matt.During visit Mozilla trip I had two meeting and met lot of people behind the avatar.And I had chance to tell feedback of our Mozilla Myanmar Community and upcoming events.

Stay tune for upcoming event and blog post of Mozillian activities.I hope you all enjoy my moztrip .

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