Mozilla Myanmar website is now online

Hi All!
It’s been a long {BUSY} week!I hope you all have great time and have fun at May 31 :)(You know what I mean) This week I had lot of great news to tell you all!

Mozilla Myanmar is live now

First thing is Our Mozilla Myanmar website is live now Please check this link and visit and feel free to share our post.And  we would like to invite contributor to come and join with us and share your Open source love with Mozilla! We need talent writer who can write English,Burmese(using Unicode) post about Mozilla,Our recent activities and News,activities of Mozilla (beyond the Firefox) .If  you have free time and want to share your ideas please send mail to our or send mail to me.

Mozilla Myanmar is on Mozilla Community site list

OK! Let’s continue about another great news! After Mozilla Myanmar website is online, I fill the file bug for adding our website at .Just one day take after Mozilla Myanmar Website Online,we are on Mozilla Community List. Proud of to be part of Mozilla and Myanmar is on list on Mozilla Community.

For this all process I really Thank to David Boswell,   Gen ,Soumya Deb and Thank for all tweets.Got super encourage 🙂

We Got NEW 7 Contributors at Firefox Aurora

And The last one is after I posted this post ,we got over 7 Contributors at Firefox Aurora.Check this link .Unfortunately one of translator using non-Unicode font! So let’s make clear about we are using “Unicode” for all our Localization! Thank for all contribution !

Stay tune for Great News!Have a nice FRIDAY and Enjoy Weekend 🙂

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