Localization Firefox Aurora

Note:This post is totally for Myanmar,Mozilla,Localization,Community.I post this blog post for the people who haven’t subscribe our mailing list and interest on locational.

hi all
I hope you all have nice weekend and Enjoy Monday 🙂 Today I look through project at http://a.maimult.ro/lmo/projects.php?l=my-MM&f=0 and I found we almost 90% on Firefox Aurora.That’s super close to finished! Then myself start translation on there and invite you all on Localization.

Translating process

Just only give your spare time and create user name and passwords at http://a.maimult.ro/lmo/projects.php?l=my-MM&f=0.
Then click on “Firefox Aurora” ,then you see two active member translate status! After you translate words by words your status are update at online. When you satisfied your translated words you click “Save”. If not click on “Keep”.

Feel Free to ask Questions and feedback!

our social networks

twitter: @MozillaMyanmar https://twitter.com/#!/MozillaMyanmar

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mozillamyanmar/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mozilla-Myanmar/204361602908780

PS: I will inform you all about our Mozilla Myanmar website.Stay tune for website!
Have a nice Monday and see you on ” http://a.maimult.ro/lmo/projects.php?l=my-MM&f=0” there 🙂

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