Useful Online Play Ground

Hi everyone!Happy Monday!These days I noticed my blog has been crowed by visitor all around the world.That’s make me happy.I try to write,post news things I discover.Last weekend I gave  promise to wirte “How to use  witter bootstrap”  but unfortunately I was busy at work and have French exam.

That’s why today I post my favorite Online Play Ground. I had been found this tools since last year.


My favourite editor of online HTML,CSS,JS. This post “An Interview with jsFiddle Creator Piotr Zalewa” can explain you much more information of Jsfiddle.

How to use? Just simple.Go to Jsfiddle and Put the HTML in the HTML area, the CSS in the CSS area, and the JavaScript in the JavaScript area.Then click “Run”.You can see your result and after you save your result you can  get URL link and can share on Facebook,twitter.




Creator of Jsfiddle:!/zalun


First I noticed is Beautiful UI and easy to use,can share via web through link,change background color and download the results which you edit.I hope you all enjoy it!

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