Set forward to your goal!

Last day I was found this useful post from life hacker and don’t break the chain give me lot of empower to keep going my goal! Now I write back how I set up my goals and how I handle my time to reach my Chain.

I don’t like taking note on calendar remind as I am superstition on that case! That’s why I put my plan on my brain. When I was young I thought I was smart and had photogenic memory.I will never forget all my plans and things. But it was wrong thought cause I noticed during these years I forgot easily.That will happen maybe I going old or maybe I am working multiple tasks at same time.So I need something that’s will remind my notes.As far as you know I am working with computer and internet everyday I use web Technology.I used Evernote for my process.It works on your mobile,computer everywhere you had internet.Only things you need is Internet.Ok That’s Technology tool for helping my goals set up.

But without internet,technology tool I use one special thing that’s remind my goals.Hope you all can get easily that thing. That’s simple That’s your “mom”. Our ” mom”. Refer this post  Goldie Hawn says, “I always had self-doubts. I wasn’t good enough; I wasn’t smart enough. I didn’t think I’d make it.” Now it’s not always easy to push yourself, and that’s why they invented mothers.Yes that’s totally right speech! Our mom remind everything we forgot and we must do 🙂

The last thing I used is make simple note make easily remember for my brain.That’s I have only 3 things to do each days!

First >> Work

Yes everybody has work.Work give us money.Work give us life.Work give us pleasure and Work give us pressure 🙂 I love my work.Everybody should love their work because we spend at least 9hours at work.If we don’t love our own work that’s living hell.I work for money.I work for my Hobey. I work for my future hopes. But everyday are not golden days for everyone.We must faces mistakes,errors,rejections,pressures and lot of negative things. And also Remember everyday are not storm.We will get Sunny days after Storm :)So Love your work ,Make happy within working hours. Learn something for your future,life during working time.That’s my goals for  first plan.

Second Learn something

Something mean something make you happy,something make you proud,something make your improve your skill. As for me I learn “French”.OK Why I choose “French”?

I asked these questions to all my classmates.Half of young students didn’t have strong mission(goal). They attend cause they have free time,French is second language at Europe(They told to me),and for fun.But half of students as my age around 25 have strong plan.They want to work at French,improve their positions at work and improve their Languages skill. Fore me? Yes! main reason I attend French class is I love French Language.That’s little bit late to say I love French Language after I came back from Paris but I love French.I was learn Chinese Language but I’m not finished my class cause I don’t have strong feeling for Chinese. That’s why I mentions you “Do what you LOVE”.That’s not improve my skill but also have FUN.After I finished my university I was spend my time at work so my mind are not fresh as Student.Learning is fun!Make you happy.Make you get more friends 🙂 I learn at least one hour each days through class,internet,books and movie everywhere I can get information.

Third Make your body healthy!

Yes Healthy is important to everyone! That’s main reason for us but we didn’t care about it when we healthy. I spend half of my day at chair and in front of computer.Mean I have no physical movement. Result will I fat! 😦 That’s not good thing to single woman 😛 .Just joke it is not good for health,so I decide to take some sport for my health but I don’t have time for big sport.So I choose to go Gym.That’s fast way and easiest way to start for hearth. But during  first days of Gym were horrible.My body didn’t follow my brain comments.All my body are painful,I can’t move anymore.I though I was give up that’s plan. But next day I go by my mom push 🙂 Day by day I notice my body are more light than the day before.Now I lost 3lb during 3weeks 🙂

Ok! my post is long right now! Conclusion for my post is

Set up your goal!

Make sure that goals are you love

and double make sure you can do follow these goals.

So you must have strong motivation,passion to success your goals,happy in your work,and find someone PUSH you  🙂 ,persist failures!



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