visite à Paris

I never think about I will visit Paris (city of love).But last year at 2011 I got scholarship to attend JandBeyond conference at Netherlands. So I had chanced to visit Europe.

Before I was visited to Paris I was watch “French Kiss” . So romantic movie I ever seen even it was old movie. Lovely songs, beautiful views, meaningful love. My favorite part is the actress finding the place of US Embassy even she didn’t see the Tour Eiffel night view. That’s movie totally react my Paris night. I haven’t seen Tour Eiffel night cause of I was tried the whole day walking along the Paris 😦

Travel to Europe is my best and longest adventures trip cause I was take almost 24 hour travelling. I was choose Aeroflot Airline so my journey will be Yangon (Center of Myanmar)-Bangkok-Moscow-Brussels. But my destination was Netherlands (Kerkrade) so I took train to Arkeen (Germany) and took car to Kerkrade. I was spending more than 8 hr at 3 airports transit room. Pweee…But that is great pleasure for now I had passed 2countries (Russia, Germany) and met lot of people and talk a lot of nature and culture.

I was arrived Paris after visited Brussels. First thing I saw in Paris was Tour Eiffel. I was shocked that moment and staring Tour Eiffel for a while. In my mind I was saying Oh! I see you now. I am now Paris 🙂

For the whole days walking around Brussels and taking train made my foot pain and I haven’t look around my first night at Paris. But I had great Pizza 🙂

Ok! Here is second day of my Paris. My friend gave me everything about visiting Paris train/bus card, Map, Water and lunch box with Bread and Cheese. But I was afraid to take train or bus by myself alone. I was found all the places I want to visit were situated beside River Seine. So I start walk along the River Seine 🙂 My friend house was not far from Eiffel so I was arrived it within 15mins walk.

Super crowed place at Eiffel tour. White, black, Asian, African, Chinese, Japan various kind of people. Most of them travel with Group of friends, family and boyfriends/girlfriends. Visit around Paris along is kind of boring but I was made some of friends along my visiting. And everybody was amazing I was come from Birmaine 🙂


There was unforgettable moment of my Europe trip. My posts will be quite long if I write down everything I was discovering 🙂 You can see my pictures of Europe here 
(Pictures are not too good because I didn’t have my camera that moment)

After comeback from Paris, I’m always dream about to visit again. And I also want to talk with French people so I will know more about Paris culture, history, living lifestyle.

I made decision to start learn French it was one thing of my new year Resolutions. Passing two months of my learning I love more and more about French and my dream is more big 🙂 There is not only visit Paris but also countryside of French Villages. 🙂


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