Best Things I ever Had

  When I was 11 my dad gave me little dog for my birthday Present.When I first got that present I wasn’t happy too much cause I though he(Juliy) was stole my parents love.But he used the place in our family as like another child.Next year later he grow up and he want marry 🙂 Then we brought Susi for him. Susi she is really feminism dog.She love taking photos,she love my Cosmetics 🙂 but she afraid riding car.Next year I adopt Pikapla. And Juliy and Pikpal became friends but it doesn’t take too long,they always fight when they were together. 

14   years! we had great time together with them.They are the best presents I ever had.Even some people leave us,they stay with us,they worry for us,they wait till we came back home.

It has been 1 years they leave us.Now they leave with us without saying any GoodBye! I miss you All …

Juliy..The Best things I ever Had
Susi..the best things I ever had
pikapal..Best Things I ever Had


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