ReMo: Part of My life

  We’re a non-profilt,fighting to protect the web we all LOVE. Mozilla is proudly    non-profit. We innovate on your behalf and answer to no one but you. MozillaAll you know OpenSource Nonprofit Browser. I was using Firefox since I start using Internet, Firefox connecting web to me.I love OpenSource and Firefox is my favorite Browser. Do you want to know the reason.As simple I using Firefox for my work(developing website) and my passion is to contribute at OpenSource Community. This is the one reason I love Firefox.I can’t live without this. Involving at Mozilla is one of my dream.Do you know your dream will come true someday. I was attended Mozilla Thialand session at 2010 that session I was met First Mozilla staff William,Gen,Detrich. I was dream about to create Mozilla Myanmar and want to make community of Mozilla MyanmarAt 2011 July I was apply ReMo {The Mozilla Reps program provides a simple framework and specific tools to help volunteer Mozillians become official representatives of Mozilla in their region. } More detail .I was the only one ReMo from Myanmar till  November and I want many of our Young enthusiastic people involve  together with me. Anyone who is passionate and knowledgeable about Mozilla and who is ready to dive deeper into the project can sign-up to the program. 2011 September I was invited by Mozilla to attend Mozcamp Asia.So My Dream Come True! I also invite you all let’s dream about Mozilla Myanmar together with me. You can join every part of Mozilla which match your professional career.

There are so many  ways you can join with us

If you want to know more about Mozilla Myanmar and want to involve drop my mail or connect with our Facebook Page,Twitter. Faceook Mozilla Myanmar Twitter @MozillaMyanmar

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