MozCamp Asia 2011

I was invited by Mozilla to attend the MozCamp Asia 2011, which will be held in  Intercontinental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from Saturday 19 November  to Sunday 20 November 2011. A week before MozCamp Asia, Europe MozCamp Mozilla also held in Berlin.

From Myanmar, there are 3 people who were invited to attend this event, unfortunately ThanYalZinMin didn’t attend event cause of his passport issue so only 2 people can attend, including me and U Ngwe Tun. And I was represent as Mozilla Myanmar and gave Lighting talk for community.That lighting talk I was answer these 4 questions

Check out Our Myanmar and also check out other communities and what they proud of

Day1 (19.11.2011) started with breakfast then we collected our Mozilla T-Shirt [printed”Many Voices One Mozilla”] with welcome pack then we entered to conference room and after all that the conference went forward with the Mitchell Baker speech first and then Mary so on.At day1 Most of people recognize me cause I was shaking on the stage and really nervous about my talk.But after came back from the stage many people cheer me!,clap hand,take pic,post on FB and then also tweets!/ahkeno/status/137996993103527936   🙂

#mozcamp asia 2011
#mozcamp asia 2011

Thank yofiesetiawan  for photos 🙂

In the evening on the first day, we all attended a dinner at Restaurant Raja Melayu and then a walk to KLCC, Petronas Twin Tower.(copy from fauzanalfi  🙂

This pic is my fav pic of Day1

#mozcamp asia 2011
#mozcamp asia 2011

Day2 (20.11.2011) started with a speech on the State of the Product by Jay Sullivan & Dan Mills through this we were able to acquire a lot of knowledge on Firefox developments tools,Firefox 3D and Firefox mobile tools,Browser ID &Apps.Then I went to Mozilla Reps Status Update and What’s Next!(William Quiviger) session and get my Remo Welcome pack  Thank syafiqmazli who collect for me :). There was a lot of sharing of knowledge between all Mozilla staff,they worked close to each other,they always telling us “do not be shy”finally we took group photos while leaving we were all very emotional.

#mozcamp asia 2011
#mozcamp asia 2011

After having lunch I went through  the Community IT @ Mozilla (Shyam Mani, Phong Tran) session and share why I join Community SIG 🙂

#mozcamp asia 2011
#mozcamp asia 2011

Here is detail schedule of camp

During this event I was met Mitchell Baker  the Chairperson of the Mozilla Foundation and Chairperson and former Chief Executive Officer of the Mozilla Corporation, a subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation that coordinates development of the open source Mozilla Internet applications, including the Mozilla Firefox web browser and the Mozilla Thunderbird email client. ,more>

There is unforgettable day I my life and really happy cause she ware our Burmese Dress during the whole day two.Check how Graceful Lady.

Mitchell Baker
#mocamp asia 2011

And also I met Mozilla staff face to face.ReMo,SuMo,Web Fwd,L10N-asia and Mozilla engagement,Thunderbird and also many more.There are participated from Srilanka ,India, Pakistan, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, China, Vietnam, Mongolia,Bangladesh,Myanmar,Cambodia,Korea and Africa too.

The theme is “Many Voices, One Mozilla”, theme quite expressing the Mozilla mission which supported by many passionate people around the globe, that want to keep the web to be open for humankind.

Thank for all who make event! Thank for invitation me.Thank for give me chance to meet people around the world who love Mozilla.Wish to meet you all soon .

Here is event photos

If you want to become Mozillian and live in Myanmar,you can join with us and spread your love .Here is our

Mozilla Myanmar Facebook Page:


Here is  form for people who want to become Mozilla Myanmar.

Please spread that form to your colleague and people who love Mozilla 🙂

We’re a non-profilt,fighting to protect the web we all LOVE #mozilla


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