Stop run from Failure , Run to face the Success

I’d like to Point out my new hobby for 2014 , It will be Running. I started running Jan of 2014 but running is not my new year’s
resolution. I used to swim, but things don’t always work out well when I go swimming. With problems Like skin burn, hair loss, pimples and time take of my skin is much take time of swimming.

My roommate suggested that I start to run and I was a bit surprised,in Singapore people run around day and night, even if it is hot and raining. Running is not my thing because I used to have pain from my stomach after a hard run. So I never thought I could do what I think of as a  hard sport like running. But I will try.

Muscles are the result of pains

We started running around a football field in front of our apartment.It was Sunday evening ,nice weather ,cool breeze and best of all
quiet. My roommate started to run and I just walked (I thought “I cant run!). But after 10 min walking, I started to run. The First time was a bit hard ,pain from everywhere. We set a goal to run 3miles every day . We put medicine on the whole of our legs and our room is full of that medicine smell on the plus side we slept well.

Keep Going

Next day, I had pressure at work , I am extremely tired at work so when I finally get  home I keep think of those problems. So I went
running alone to make myself tired.  I thought I would stop thinking about it but even while running, I still think about those annoying work problems. But my thinking is changed somehow, Even though I am tired ,I can’t stop running because I have a goal, I set it already, And I am the only one who can finish that.
When you stop running you can’t finish your goal and become even later to accomplish that goal.Don’t always take time to relax, sometimes rest will make you lazy. Keep going ,Keep running, you will reach your target. That’s the point of running and I apply that logic at work and everywhere in life.
Yes,honestly I was runner  in my life already. I ran away from my faults,failures and problems. I thought it was a good way to solve
problems but they keep coming if you don’t solve them. Don’t run to fail ,Run at your problems, face them!

Make Addictive yourself

It is not an easy way to grow up having good habits. I set lot of goals and honestly haven’t finish all of them right to the end(yet).
Set your mind to make them addictive. I use runnkeeper, I put in the miles and record my running miles. That keeps me addicted. Sometime yes I am super tired and I want to stop running but I don’t because of my miles. As Work is so is life, we may not have every Happy day and productive time. Keep track of our progress. Don’t give too up to often. So you exhaust yourself? Oh I may rest cause I did well yesterday? Yesterday was not today. You have to finish your miles for your today. what is your “miles for today”?

I have not and will not stop, and I  keep running…


What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.
No time to stand beneath the boughs
And stare as long as sheep or cows.
No time to see, when woods we pass,
Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass.
No time to see, in broad daylight,
Streams full of stars, like skies at night.
No time to turn at Beauty’s glance,
And watch her feet, how they can dance.
No time to wait till her mouth can
Enrich that smile her eyes began.
A poor life this if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.
 W. H. Davies
I was studying this poem at High School,didn’t understand the fully meaning of this poem. Now after 12 year later ,I strongly understand what he mean.
What is this life if, full of care,We have no time to stand and stare.
All days wake up by responsibility,tasks,deadline… 
No time to stand beneath the boughs.And stare as long as sheep or cows.
Follow through crowd city and hiding at tinny room. 
No time to see, in broad daylight,Streams full of stars, like skies at night.
Breathing cold air-con air and working under the electric light. Staring Electronic devices, instead of smile to each other,smile to the devices.
A poor life this if, full of care,We have no time to stand and stare….

Singapore Orchid Garden

Singapore Orchid GardenSingapore Orchid Garden

Singapore Orchid Garden

Another Year Has Gone By


Time are pass as wind , it been a year…Last year this time I was packed my bagged,prepare for my unknown journey, tidy hugged my mom, don’t know what time I will be beside her. But all my step will never backward,whatever I make it or not I will keep forwarding my steps… Yes that was my mission when I left out of my home. I’ve been spend more than 5 years there (place where still not open yet for the enthusiastic dreamer) after while everyone leave out of the country.Three years contribution in Mozilla ,spreading my knowledge whatever the events happen. Sharing and helping people do become Strong Open Source Community in Myanmar.

Words, that made you stay. Words, that drove you away.

I never forget the words whoever give me as empower. These words push me up to improve my steps.Been fired by ex-boss who gave me best push words while I was in US for attend Adacamp . Came back from US and made it happen Developer Conference  as jobless and strongly support by mom.   Holding SG visa and find job at Myanmar IT. Funniest thing was someone hire me as Marketing and my paid was $70 per a month. :C’mon  Chit , you worth enough to leave out of this country,then I started at my steps. Yes,never look back that shit.

Just because you are struggling does NOT mean you are failing.  Every great success requires some kind of struggle to get there.

New Chapter of my life is much smoother than what I though,people in Singapore, don’t look my background.They don’t care where I came from,they only care about what are my ability and what are my passion.They don’t discriminated me with my skin color,my religion and so on. They accept as me as human. I got my dream job (Joomla) within my Mozcamp and got play well my position.But I lost my free time. Yes spend my time mostly on office which another place like home.

All men are Created EQUAL


Well, first three months was struggle with New place, new culture,new social and new environment. But I am lucky to find same type of my people as Hackerspace and make new friends who became my beloved and mentor friends. Just remember,I still same as Muslim and more strongly believe my  god who give me strength and bless. And I still keep my rules which I set while since I was in Myanmar. I’m not turn to Party girl, atheist as like some people who forgot where they from ;) But I changes my action, more active, more friendly, more forgiveness and more hard-working.

Life and happiness

In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on

I been more happier than  in Myanmar.It doesn’t mean Singapore is developed country.It mean I am happy with my choices. Stay away from people and things whoever don’t accept the changes and always block in one step.And I grow up  more  and stand alone without mom . I’m  miss my mom and always keep in touch with her but I like the way of I been alone and lead my own situation.And I love I become main part of my family who can support everything what they need.Out of from the office I learn people life and they happiness. Instead of being fake happiness (party in weekend,over drunk ..) I prefer living in my room and listening TED , try my new dishes  and started my hobbies (swimming,jogging, dancing will be future ;) which I ever want to do since childhood.

Lost and Find

I lost nothing, yes something who not belong with me is mean they are not deserve to me.

Find (got,Discover): These are Physical things I collect within these year.I travel to Cambodia  and San Francisco(again). Biggest event is First MozSummit  (haven’t write blogpost for this but I definitely share my awesome MozSummit ). Haven’t make too much event as I did in Myanmar,but I organize Firefox OS Singapore meetup and looking forward as Mozilla SG actively here.And I attend so many events which are talented people sharing their knowledge ,experiences not selling their products.

You got a dream,gotta protect it.People can’t do st themselves,they tell you “you can’t do it”. If you want something, go get it.

2013 San Francisco Oakland bay Bridge

“Travel brings power and love back into your life.”
― Rumi

San francisco Oakland bay Bridge

Sometime in life you cant’ expect what is your future  will happen as you haven’t plan.I used to live with my tidy schedule and my tomorrow are full of my plan.Back to  San Francisco wasn’t in my plan for 2013. After I back from Cambodia   I plan to visit Europe in this Fall or Winter. But Mozilla bring me  to back US again.He  still same as I saw in 2012. But Me was changed a lot ….

San francisco Oakland bay Bridge

Profoundly Mistaken


Image Copy by

That is impress post in this early morning I read  POLY STUDENT TRIED TO GIVE CPR TO BIKE ACCIDENT VICTIM  and really appreciate about University teach that course! Shouldn’t be compare, how we had education system, lot of reasons will come out, cause of Country is not Open,Cause People are not smart ,Cause of No Budget.. barlar barLar.But these are about my personal feeling, Why we learn at School and Uni? Why People who drop out of  School are more smarter than people who have great Marks at Schools or Uni.I got Master Degree and I spend over 5 years at Uni. Is that worth enough to spend 5 Years at Uni? Well if not my mom wish I was out of Uni after I got Bachelor . Because of her , I have a little long status and that will useful at the letter behind my name when I marry :P Right now I learn double in real life cause I was had BOOKs experiences.

  After Listen Ken Robinson  talk . BTY really great speech and open my mind of thinking again. I was analysis by myself ,yes thing now I’m good these days are not learn from Uni! Learn from Life,learn from experiences, learn from lot of mistakes which I had done. Profoundly Mistaken what a beautiful words, yes I was the kid as same as the kids who grow up small country which not open,can’t speak what you though , can’t get what you want in that Country. But I was change maybe my gene is build in and I found lot of errors (sorry I used my Computer Terms,it should be “Problem”)  about I speak LOUD ,Yes I speak loud about what I think and I stand up for what I feel right. You know stand up mean People can see you if all of them are sitting .Yes people used to sit and silence even they though that’s not right and that’s not reasonable. You know why ?  cause they don’t want to be the Insane in community, Insane in society. That’s what they build in our education system, that what people they in that small little society.  Then I become insane in that society who talk too much and who stand up.That’s make me run out of that country.

I won’t say that Uni are not Good Place, But Uni should be the place which give not only BOOKs and grade but also Life lessons, Life experiences.Now I teach my own life experiences which I haven’t get in My university. Learn New Foreign Language, Learn Physical sport, Learn at Liberary which is not close and not  allow students (yes, back in 2009 I went Uni Library  for searching my thesis related books. What they treat us is Students are not allow to enter the book shelves and find the find, go there small box which wirte down the piece of paper about the author,Title and Years. You can’t  judge the book by its cover, you can’t find out the real taste of the book by its title.Well it must be long story of how my Uni days and I also find out friends who had great grad are turn to Professor.Friends who they think bad at uni like me, not follow dumb ass rules and not high level are smart in Work. I wish our next generation are not worst what we faced.

Different But Close

Different but Close

Happy Weekend to all.. Today my right time brain alarm wake me up same time as Office hour ,then look myself  fresh enough to go out and make exercise :) Yes I been stop and start my exercise schedule depend on my office hours. Happy enough to stay office as much as I can cause office is like my home.But I need to make out  my body movement. Friends from HS (Hackerspace) run every (mostly) evening but I can’t catch up men running :) So I take my own running :)

Walking (oh! half running) at Morning is so pleasure. My town(Myanmar) has less and less tree nowadays. Yes , last 4 years we had lot of trees and we lost lot of tree during Nargis and also public un-awareness.I’m so sick when someone burn the rubbish, chop the tree with no reason.We couldn’t get back these tree within a few years .. Garr there is so many things people need to learn about environment in Myanmar.

In Singapore, mostly Trees are everywhere and I love seeing people care of environment. This photos is took the way of my walk from home to Sea. Yes, I live very near at the beach (East Coast) and every morning and night seeing Sea and breath the Sea wind is so pleasure.

Seeing these Two trees (yes these are two trees) with Different color give me lot of though. Same like them, people who live around us have different color (different way of thinking live and living life). You can’t say is he/she is black skin and black mind or he/she has white skin white mind….

have you ever look at sky

Bedek Jeffy IMAG0191



Whenever I sad,look up the sky … I won’t let my tear out and see beautiful sky..

Unboxing Firefox OS Geeks Phone Keon

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Happy Weekend Mozillian

You may already hear about #Firefox OS phone through my blog and how I fall in love with it. First time I was touching it was when I visited Mozilla Office 2012 at San Francisco. There was time it still in testing and with bug. Then again at our Mozcamp Asia 2012 ,Singapore. Mozilla bring the several Firefox OS phone and let us testing and sharing package through Hacking Loung.

2013 April 23, Mozilla, Geeksphone and Telefonica have been working together to create a Firefox OS developer preview phone.  And within a few days,it been out of order Woow :). But don’t forget we are Mozillian and our awesome Mozreps community is sending  “Keon” Phones to core contributors so far
(Reps, localizers and App Day winners)and 488 “Keon” phones have been shipped to  and shipments are ongoing  throughout the next weeks.

I got mine is this Friday night , (oh before I got it, Thank Viking and Our MozResps Council mentor ) being approved very fast and send directly to Singapore. Ok! back on my exciting Friday night :) It reach 8pm and there is no doubts how I excited to unboxing it. This feeling is much more happier than first day of my HTC One ;)

Now time to play around with it and upcoming post will full of about it ;) Stay Tune.Thank so much Mozilla and our Mentors who let us in touch with #Firefox  OS .

Happy Weekend all

Client Demand = Add skills at my CV

Hello my reader,sorry I haven’t  update too my blog cause I am busy at multiple projects. As you know since I got my dream job,I work back joomla and all of my joomla are Joomla 3 :)  If you don’t know about how cool of joomla 3  must read this . Day by Day I work with joomla and my brilliant colleges and client demand,I have lot of experiences to share you.BTW you all notice my blog is using wordpress and some of my post are about Drupal. Yes,  I being working with joomla since 2008 and Drupal is my new toy which I start work 2011. Honestly I haven’t work WordPress as commercial work but wordpress is best place for sharing my blog.I’ve been seen a lot of CMS wars and competition about Joomla,Drupal,Wordpress.

For my opinion,

  • first important is base on Client demand.some of client don’t have no idea which CMS we will use, but some are very strong on they believe. Like my current client they love joomla.
  • second is base on requirement. Point out this article. Choose which make productive and effectively.

Client Demand = Plus experiences at my CV :)

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